Contractor Bid Information


The Office of Mines and Minerals Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation Division will be receiving
additional grant funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  Requests for
qualifications will be solicited in the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Professional
Services Bulletin or Bidbuy.

In order to submit qualifications packages on these design projects, please prequalify at  the IDOT
prequalification’s website at:


In order to submit qualification packages on these designs projects advertised on Bidbuy, please
registe at Bidbuy.  Below is the link to Bidbuy and the register button is in the upper right

Below is the link for Registration help information


Please select all the applicable NIGP codes when you register.  The NIGP codes would be contained
in 925 Professional Services.   Some examples of the applicable codes include:

•     925-17 Civil Engineering
•     925-23 Dam Engineering
•     925-35 Environmental Engineering
•     925-46 Geotechnical Engineering
•     925-69 Mining and Mineralogy Engineering
•     925-55 Inspection, General Engineering
•     925-86 Survey Services, Land