Emergency Concerns


When abandoned mine-related problems occur suddenly, are life threatening, and require immediate asttention, the AMLRD staff can respond with emergency assistance. Emergencies typically associated with abandoned mines include:

  • structure in danger of collapse due to mine subsidence
  • subsidence pits that develop in the urban areas near homes
  • methane gas leaks
  • mine refuse fires
  • open or improperly sealed mine shafts and slope entrances
  • gas leaks from mining operations
  • underground fires and coal refuse pile fires
  • dilapidated mine buildings and equipment
  • barren or eroding mine spoils and refuse piles
  • hazardous highwalls left from mining operations
  • acid mine drainage
  • subsidence pits and sags

In the event of an emergency, the AMLRD can be reached at 618-650-3197 or 217-782-0588. If the situation requires immediate attention after business hours, contact the Illinois emergency Management Agency @ 800-782-7860.