Pending Applications/Decisions

In an effort to provide the citizens of Illinois a more timely review of applications for coal mining permits the Office of Mines and Minerals has established an initiative to make available all new permit and significant revision applications for review on the Land Reclamation web site. Applications for surface coal mining and reclamation operations will continue to be available for review at the county courthouse where mining is proposed and at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mines and Minerals, Springfield, Illinois office. Applications for mining operations proposed in the southern part of Illinois are available for review at our Benton office.

Applicants are required to advertise in a paper of general circulation their intent for mining. Any comments or concerns you may have regarding any of the applications listed must be received within 30 days from the last public notice date. Comments may be submitted via US mail;

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mines & Minerals, Land Reclamation Division
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1207

or via email at

Please, when submitting comments to the Department, include your name and address so we may notify you of the Department's decision, and specific information as to the company, mine and permit number you are commenting on.

Permit 53, 160, 225 and 426, Revisions 1, 1, 1 and 1, Peabody Coulterville Mining, LLC, Randolph County

Permit 330 and 458, Revisions 1 and 1, Vigo Coal Operating Co., LLC, Friendsville Mine, Wabash County

Permit Application No. 399, Revision No. 2, Hillsboro Energy, LLC, Deer Run Mine, Montgomery County

Permit 399 7.21-acre Incidental Boundary Revision

Permit 399 2.74-acre Incidental Boundary Revision

Permit Application No. 429, Sunrise Coal LLC, Bulldog Mine, Vermilion County

Permit Application No. 452, Sunrise Coal, LLC, Oaktown Mine, Lawrence and Crawford County

Permit Application No. 457, Revision 1, Knight Hawk Coal, LLC,  Prairie Eagle Mine, Perry County

Permit Application No. 460, Sugar Camp Energy, LLC, No. 1 Mine, Franklin County

Permit Application No. 463, Eagle River Coal, LLC, No.1 Mine, Saline County