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Coal Industry Certification

Cleaning coal by hand.

Cleaning coal by hand. Orient Mine. Chicago Wilmington and Franklin Coal Company. Chicago, Illinois 1917


The Mine Safety and Training Division issues certificates of competency to underground and surface coal miners. Effective May 1, 2013, there is a $50.00 fee for each application submitted. For more information on these certifications contact wendy.koehler@illinois.gov via email, or by phone at 217-558-4925.

The following certification classes are offered semi-annually (spring and fall) in Benton, Lively Grove and Springfield locations.  Due to the current coronavirus situation, certification classes and testing have been canceled until further notice.

The following certifications are offered throughout the year.

The Miners' Examining Board meets monthly in Springfield or Benton to issue the following certificates:

Due to the current coronavirus situation, the March meeting of the Miners' Examining Board has been canceled until further notice.

    To receive these certificates of competency, miners must meet minimum eligibility requirements as outlined in the Illinois Coal Mining Act and pass a written and oral examination. A miner can attend a course offered by Mine Safety and Training personnel to prepare them for the written and oral examinations. These courses are held in three locations Benton, Lively Grove, and Springfield and are free of charge. Questions regarding certification should be directed to wendy.koehler@illinois.gov via email or by phone, 217-558-4925.