Apply Now for Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Grants

Chris McCloud
Apply Now for Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Grants
SPRINGFIELD, IL -- Applications are now being accepted for the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund�s three grant programs which are administered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Division of Natural Heritage.  The application deadline is April 1 for these programs, which are funded through a voluntary check-off designation to the Wildlife Preservation Fund on the state income tax form.

�Non-game wildlife and native plants are an integral part of the web of life that sustains humans in Illinois.  By providing necessary research on specific species, completing inventories of animals or plants at certain sites, funding outdoor educational programs, and supplying management to our declining natural areas, the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund is an asset to present and future generations,� said IDNR Director Marc Miller.

Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Small Project Program grant proposals may be submitted by all persons and may address projects including land management, site inventories, education and/or special outdoor equipment purchases.  Examples of past projects include wildlife habitat improvement, rare species management and recovery, and education/research projects throughout the state. 

These diverse projects may focus on a variety of species ranging from insects and fish, to birds and turtles, and habitats unique to Illinois including forests, wetlands, and prairies.  Individual proposals are eligible for up to $2,000 from the Wildlife Preservation Fund.

Proposals for the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Maintenance of Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities That Take Care of Threatened or Endangered Species grants are also being accepted.  This program is designed to keep wildlife rehabilitation facilities that care for threatened or endangered species in a state of good repair. 
Please note that only persons who possess a current wildlife rehabilitation license/permit issued by the IDNR and who have provided care for threatened or endangered wildlife species during the three-year period preceding the date of their application qualify for grant funds.  Such proposals are eligible for up to $2,000 from the Wildlife Preservation Fund.

Lastly, the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Large Project Program is designed to encompass a much larger scope than the Small Project Program.  Funding for the Large Project Program level grants begins at $2,000 and must have the sponsorship of at least one member from the staff of the IDNR Office of Resource Conservation.  Generally, this program is designed for non-game wildlife research projects the IDNR determines are necessary.  This year, the Department would like to focus on funding 1) surveys to locate populations of endangered and threatened species of animals and plants; 2) on-the-ground projects that will help the recovery of endangered species; 3) habitat restoration, especially of prairies and wetlands; and, 4) educational programs or projects that will reach a regional or statewide audience.

Each of the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Grant Program packets for Fiscal Year 2014 includes a program explanation, instructions for completing the application form, and an application form.  The application packet can be found on the IDNR website at  The packet is also available by request by calling 217-782-2602 or by e-mail at  Interested individuals/applicants will need to provide the following information:  Subject:  Request for IWPF Grant Program for 2014 (please specify which grant program), Name, Affiliation, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Telephone Number. 

The deadline for accepting applications is 5:00 pm on April 1, 2013. 

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