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IDNR Reminding Anglers of the Importance of Safety When Ice Fishing

Ed Cross
IDNR Reminding Anglers of the Importance of Safety When Ice Fishing
Being prepared could save your life
SPRINGFIELD, IL – As the temperatures drop in Illinois, those who enjoy year-round fishing may start heading to their favorite location to participate in ice fishing.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is reminding anglers that heading to their favorite frozen fishing holes does come with risks this time of year. 

“The IDNR cannot stress enough the importance of safety when ice fishing.  Ice fishing can be a great and fun time, but can change into a dangerous situation in just seconds.  Being prepared and ready for anything can save your life,” said IDNR Conservation Police Chief Rafael Gutierrez.

Those planning to ice fish should stay off of ice that is less than 4 inches thick.  It is recommended anglers carry a rope or floatation device with them to help assist if someone falls through the ice.  Wearing a life jacket/personal floatation device (PFD) is always recommended when fishing offshore, including when ice fishing. 

For additional information on ways to make your next ice fishing trip a fun and safe one, visit the “I Fish Illinois” website at http://www.ifishillinois.org/programs/ice.php.
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