IDNR announces FY2022 Pheasant Fund project grants

Jayette Bolinski
IDNR announces FY2022 Pheasant Fund project grants
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) today announced the awarding of grants for projects being funded thru the State Pheasant Fund Special Wildlife Funds Grant Program.

The State Pheasant Fund provides grants to appropriate not-for-profit organizations for wild pheasant conservation projects. Funding for the State Pheasant Fund Special Wildlife Funds Grant Program comes from the sale of Habitat Stamps to sportsmen and sportswomen.

The projects approved after review by the State Pheasant Fund Committee are listed below.

Quail and Upland Game Alliance – The project in the pheasant range on private land and state lands will help complete wildlife friendly management work on both Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Non-CRP acreage. State Pheasant funds totaling $83,362.40 were awarded, with the grantee providing $25,296 in matching funds.

Natural Land Institute (NLI), project at Lost Flora Fen on Raccoon Creek – The NLI and partners are working to restore and enhance prairies and woodlands along Raccoon Creek in Winnebago County to improve habitat diversity. This partnership seeks to restore 120 acres of high-diversity native prairie and enhance an additional 277 acres of existing native prairie and woodland over the course of the grant period.  NLI staff and volunteers will direct the sowing of native prairie and woodland seed over the affected acreage. The resulting prairies and enhanced acreage will provide better nesting locations and forage opportunities to a diverse array of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species and species in decline due to habitat loss and degradation. Volunteers, including members of the Roscoe Sportsmen’s Club, Kepotah Sportsmen’s Club, and Pheasants Forever of Winnebago County, will help prepare the site and sow the seed by hand with instruction provided by NLI staff. Lost Flora Fen on Raccoon Creek is open to the public, and a trail network is being established to best serve visitors while minimizing impacts on wildlife and sensitive plant populations. State Pheasant funds totaling $30,000 were awarded.

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