IDNR Announces 2014 Wingshooting Clinic Schedule

Chris Young
IDNR Announces 2014 Wingshooting Clinic Schedule
SPRINGFIELD, IL � The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), in cooperation with a number of local sponsors, will be holding 31 wingshooting clinics at sites geographically distributed throughout Illinois from March through early November this year.  Most clinics are conducted on weekends.  Wingshooting clinics are held on IDNR sites, but are also held at cooperating gun clubs, hunting preserves, and farms.

Youth/Women�s wingshooting clinics are focused on participants learning to safely shoot a shotgun at a moving target with reasonable reliability.  Boys and girls typically in the 10-15 age group and women are eligible to participate.  Each clinic starts with a morning shotgun safety presentation, followed by a brief, hands-on shotgun orientation session with each group�s wingshooting instructor.  After a lunch break, participants spend the afternoon in the field shooting flying clay targets designed for beginning and novice shooters.  Not only do the participants learn to safely handle and shoot a shotgun, but they learn that being skilled at shooting clay targets is a lot of fun.  Most youth/women�s wingshooting clinics are provided at no cost to participants.  A few have a nominal - typically $10 - registration fee.  Shotguns, shotshells, clay targets and normally lunch are provided for participants.    

Hunter wingshooting clinics are hands-on, and include extensive live fire at a variety of clay target presentations on sporting clays courses specifically-designed for teaching typical hunting situations.  From ducks and doves to pheasants, quail and rabbits, hunters will find clay target presentations that resemble their favorite, as well as their most troublesome, shots.  Hunter wingshooting clinics consist of two 4-hour wingshooting sessions each day.  A short briefing about shotgun safety and handling and on-range safety occurs at the start of each session.  The clinics are designed primarily to improve the wingshooting skills of hunters.  However, these wingshooting clinics are not limited only to hunters.  Anyone from 16 years of age and older, with beginning to advanced wingshooting skills, who wants to improve their shotgun shooting skills can attend.  The fee to participate is either $30 or $35 per participant, depending on the clinic.

Clinics are taught by instructors certified by the IDNR.  Many clinic instructors also have a National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) instructor certification.  The participant-to-instructor ratio is usually four to one.  Participants are grouped with other shooters with similar shooting ability.

Follow these instructions to view the 2014 wingshooting schedule and register for a clinic:
1. Access the IDNR Website at
2. Access the "Parks/Recreation" drop down list from the toolbar on
 the IDNR Home Page
3. Then click on �State Parks�
4. Then scroll down to and click on "Wingshooting Clinics"

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