IDNR Announces Grants to Build Capacity of Rural Fire Departments

Chris Young
IDNR Announces Grants to Build Capacity of Rural Fire Departments
SPRINGFIELD, IL � The Illinois Department of Natural Resources today announced that 23 Illinois communities will benefit from more than $152,000 in federal grants to rural fire departments and fire protection districts.

The USDA Forest Service Volunteer Fire Assistance federal grant program provides matching funds to aid fire departments in the purchase of new equipment and training.

�This program helps improve public safety in small towns and rural areas of Illinois, helping local firefighters upgrade their equipment, benefitting homeowners and business owners throughout the state,� said IDNR Director Marc Miller. 

The Volunteer Fire Assistance grant program reimburses 50 percent of the recipients� costs for providing training and acquiring equipment to assist local firefighters. Grant recipients must make the initial financial outlay for the projects before being reimbursed. The grants announced today are supporting more than $300,000 in equipment for local firefighters.

The USDA Forest Service grant program is administered in Illinois by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  No state funds are involved.

A list of the 23 grant recipients is below.
USDA Forest Service Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants
Applicant Project/Equipment

Alto Pass Volunteer Fire Dept.
Air bottles and chainsaws

Amboy Fire Protection District
Wildland gloves, light bars, turnout gear

Central Warren Fire Protection Dist.
Spray broom system, hose, nozzles, shovel, extinguisher, 36" claw, axe, tool box, firefighting brooms

DePue Fire Company #1
UTV, trash pump, hoses

Fillmore Community Fire Prot. District
Generator, auto transfer switch, propane tank, backpack pump

Fox Lake Fire Protection Dist.
Skid unit, hoses, nozzles, gloves, spitfire pack, wildland hose pack, fire shelters

Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District
Hoses and nozzles, adaptors

Griggsville Fire Department
Kestrel weather meter, backpack blowers, foam ProPaks, foam

Hebron/Alden/Greenwood FPD
Hoses, chain saws, nozzles

Huey Ferrin Boulder FPD
UTV skid unit, hoses

Hull-Kinderhook Fire Protection Dist.
ATV and trailer, electric rewind reel, skid w/foam unit, lighting, radio and antenna

Lake and McHenry County Fire Dept.
Field radios, sleeping bag/tent kit, hoses, hand tools, backfire supplies, fuel cans, hand tools

Lake Egypt Fire Protection Dist.
Personal protective equipment (PPE), fire hose and hand tools

Liberty Fire Protection District
Used pickup for brush truck, LED light bar

Long Grove Fire Protection District
ATV, trailer, skid unit

Pittsfield Fire Protection District
UTV skid unit, led warning light system, PPEs, radio

Richmond Twp. Fire Protection Dist.
Wildland Nomex protective jumpsuits, helmets, goggles, gloves

RSP&E Fire Protection District (Roseville)
Drip torch, backpack blower, nozzles, radios

Rural Pope County Fire Prot. District
Water and blower backpacks, mobile radios, hoses, mule, 55 gal. skids

Sherman Fire Protection District

Utica Fire and Ambulance Prot. Dist.
Polaris UTV, pump and water tank, trailer

Vienna Fire Department
Turnout gear, radios, chargers, pagers, hoses, 5-way manifold

Williamson County Fire Prot. District
CET portable pump, valves, piping fittings to mount pump
Total:  $152,054.74
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