Illinois State Police and Department of Natural Resources Announce Open Range Program on Nov. 10

Chris McCloud
Illinois State Police and Department of Natural Resources Announce Open Range Program on Nov. 10
SPRINGFIELD, IL � The Illinois State Police (ISP) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced six locations for its firing range program, which officially opens on Saturday, November 10.  

Every year, ISP and DNR partner to promote firearm safety and awareness for hunters throughout Illinois during hunting season.  Six ISP districts have been designated to provide ranges to hunters for test-firing and sighting-in their shotguns. The ISP open ranges are located in a safe, controlled environment and provide a unique opportunity for seasoned hunters to obtain expert firearms advice from sworn officers.  Firing ranges in Joliet, Pawnee, Effingham, Macomb, and Pittsfield will be open on Saturday, November 10, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

�The Open Range Program provides hunters with an opportunity to sight-in their shotguns before the upcoming hunting season,� said ISP Director Hiram Grau.  �Safety is the number one priority for hunters and observers during every hunting season and Illinois State Police and Conservation Police Officers will be on site to ensure firearm safety protocols are offered,� he added.

�Our collaborative efforts safely prepare hunters for the upcoming seasons by honing their skills and ensuring their firearms are in proper working condition.  Every hunting season, the DNR promotes safety to our hunters so everyone involved can enjoy the experience and be successful in the field,� said Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller.

Interested participants should contact one of the ranges listed below before Nov 10 to make a reservation.  Targets and use of the range will be offered at no cost.  Participants must possess a valid Firearm Owner�s Identification (FOID) card, provide their own ammunition and transport the firearm legally - unloaded and enclosed in the proper case.

ISP Range Locations:

District 5 Joliet    815-726-6377 ext. 255 Trooper George Del Rio
District 9 Pawnee/ISP Academy  217-625-2131   Academy Range Staff
District 12 Effingham   217-347-2711   Sergeant Shad Payne
District 14 Macomb   309-833-4046 ext. 242 Trooper Neal Merry
District 17 LaSalle   815-224-1171   Sergeant Quillard Skinner
District 20 Pittsfield   217-285-2034 ext. 225 Trooper Brandon Douglas

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