OHV Stamp Implementation Postponed

Chris Young
OHV Stamp Implementation Postponed
SPRINGFIELD � The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), in cooperation with the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen�s Caucus, will postpone implementation of the Illinois Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Usage Stamp until further notice.  The postponement will allow time for the Illinois General Assembly to consider changes to the law that would exempt certain users.

�This is a good faith move on our part to make sure all the rules are in place before OHV riders are required to purchase a stamp,� said IDNR Director Marc Miller. �We also will use this time to seek additional public input as we begin to develop an off-highway riding program in Illinois.�

The IDNR supports previously announced changes to the original OHV Usage Stamp law, including reducing the OHV stamp fee for youth off-highway vehicles (75cc and under) and adding several exemptions.  Additional exemptions to the OHV stamp would include standard golf carts, OHVs operated on land owned by the operator or the operator�s immediate family, OHVs operated by persons with certain disabilities, OHVs operated for any commercial business purpose, OHVs operated at a commercial riding park, and OHVs registered with the Illinois Secretary of State.  Legislation to enact those changes (Senate Bill 2633), sponsored by State Sen. David Koehler and State Rep. Frank Mautino, is pending in the Illinois General Assembly. 

The postponement will allow additional time for OHV users, and others interested in motorized outdoor recreation, to provide input on planning for development by the IDNR of public OHV riding facilities in Illinois.

The OHV Usage Stamp, approved as part of the IDNR Sustainable Funding initiative in 2012, was scheduled to become effective April 1, 2014.  When implemented, funds generated through the OHV Usage Stamp will be used to develop public-access trails for OHV use in Illinois, and to utilize more than $1 million in federal funds currently available for motorized trail development and maintenance through available matching state funding.

When implemented, the annual OHV Usage Stamp will be $15.00, plus a $0.50 issuance fee to the point-of-sale vendor.

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