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Activity Permits

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Land Management requires any group of 20 or more persons who use Department facilities to have advance written (Activity Permit) permission from the Site Superintendent or Site Manager.

Regardless of group size, the Department may require additional liability coverage be provided through an Activity Permit. Site managers may deny the request if the facilities are not adequate to handle the size of the group, if public health or safety might be compromised, if the liability risk to the Department is too great or if there would be adverse impacts to natural resources at the site.

As a general rule, the Activity Permit is to be used for groups of 20 or more requesting traditional recreational use (for that site) of any facility (shelter, picnic area, etc.). Site managers have authority to grant or deny these permits.

Activity Permits are to be used whenever a non-traditional use of any facility is requested (example - a request for church Fun Fest with small carnival rides) and/or any activity that might increase potential liability to the Department (example - search and rescue teams practicing on rock faces). These requests need to be made at least 14 days in advance of the activity and forwarded to the Regional Office for processing.

A Permit to Sell is needed if food or goods are sold, fees are charged or when money changes hands in any manner among the organizers, spectators and/or participants.

Guidelines for completing Activity Permits

The individual(s) or group (Permittee) requesting the activity must complete and sign the Activity Permit and submit to the Site Superintendent at least 14 days prior to the event. This requirement can be waived at the discretion of the Site Superintendent.

If the activity requires set-up or wrap-up on site, include those dates in the permit the Permittee must provide additional liability protection (see item 5 of permit).

If liability insurance is obtained, the insurance certificate must show Natural Resources as additionally insured (policyholder) and must show the activity location (site/area/name).

Giant City State Park was named for the unique impressions made by its massive sandstone structures and a landscape like none other, clothed in lush garments of fern, moss, large flowering mints, hundreds of species of wild flowers and more than 75 varieties of towering trees.

A highlight of Giant City State Park is the Visitor Center. The center provides interpretive displays on the geology, plants, animals and history of the park. Enjoy a 10-minute film about the park in the audio-visual room. The visitor center also offers information about other tourist destinations in southern Illinois.

All park visitors are encouraged to stop by the Visitors Center to peruse seasonal displays and to participate in a variety of activities offered throughout the year. Groups may want to coordinate a hike with our site interpreter. Please contact the site prior to your arrival to explore possibilities.

Jennifer Randolph-Bollinger

Natural Resources Coordinator: Jennifer Randolph-Bollinger

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