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Notice to Cancel DNR-DIRECT Automated License & Permits System (10/11/2012)

The Department of Natural Resources is requesting Offers (bids/proposals) from responsible Vendors to meet the State's needs. Below is a brief description of our needs with detailed requirements in subsequent sections of this solicitation. If you are interested and able to meet these requirements, please submit an Offer.

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires the services of a vendor to implement a second edition of the Automated License and Permits System for Illinois, a statewide system that the DNR uses to sell or otherwise make available to the public selected outdoor recreation and commercial privileges it administers. These privileges include, but are not limited to: hunting and fishing licenses; trail passes; permits; OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle), watercraft and snowmobile registrations and renewals; commercial licenses; camping reservations; and harvest reporting.

The Department of Natural Resources implemented an Automated License & Permits System (DNR-DIRECT) in 2006. The system is a fully-integrated network of Point of Sale (POS), telephone, and Internet sales of selected outdoor recreation and commercial privileges. DNR-DIRECT provides customers with a convenient way to purchase privileges and the DNR with an effective method to enforce licensing regulations and to collect and manage fees associated with these privileges. The current version of DNR-DIRECT sells more than 100 types of privileges with current sales of approximately 2.3 million privileges annually.

All questions regarding this solicitation must be submitted in writing by 5:00 p.m. CST, September 26, 2012. All questions and/or clarifications will be published to the Illinois Procurement Bulletin and DNR Website. Only written answers to questions shall be binding on the State. Please submit written questions to the Solicitation Contact below (also listed in Section 1.1 of the solicitation document).
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Invitation for Bid
General Services
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10/11/2012 2:00 PM local time
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Solicitation Document for DNR-DIRECT 22027959 (For Word (.docx) files, right-click, Save As... then open saved document)
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Not Applicable
Contact Name:
Paula Martel
IDNR, One Natural Resources Way
Springfield , IL 62702
Email Address:

Public Act 95-971 contains registration requirements regarding bids and proposals submitted by vendors. You must read and comply with the requirements. See www.purchase.state.il.us for additional information.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY In compliance with the State and Federal Constitutions, the Illinois Human Rights Act, the U.S. Civil Rights Act, and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, the State of Illinois does not discriminate in employment, contracts, or any other activity.