Embarras, Little Wabash, and Kaskaskia Watersheds - Marathon Oil Company

Southeastern Illinois Counties

Marathon Oil Company (Marathon) operates common carrier pipelines for the purpose of transporting crude oil and refined products. From December 1977 to December 1999, numerous spills, leaks, discharges and/or releases of oil and/or refined products have occurred from the transport lines, impacting 29 counties in Southeastern Illinois, and Kaskaskia watershed. Fifteen of the 29 counties were seriously impacted, particularly in the Embarras, Little Wabash, and Kaskaskia watersheds. The incidents resulted in soil, surface water, and groundwater contamination, and adversely impacted soils, surface water, groundwater, flora, fauna, wildlife, and aquatic life.

The Illinois Natural Resource Trustees conducted an NRDA. Total affected terrestrial habitat amounted to 82.1515 acres, and total affected aquatic habitat amounted to 14.2994 miles. Marathon agreed to compensate the public for losses and an NRDA settlement was agreed to by all parties. The matter was settled in June of 2001.

The Illinois Natural Resource Trustees drafted a restoration plan for various public areas located in the three affected watersheds as compensation for injuries caused by Marathon. Specifically, the projects involved restoring prairies, re-establishing resident amphibian and reptile habitat such as vernal ponds, restoring forest and forest barrens, creating wetlands, and controlling invasive plant species. Monitoring is ongoing and a summary of activities will be available in the future.​​​​​

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