Pests and Pathogens Committee

Spotted Lanternfly

These meetings are open to the public but only committee members are allowed to vote on issues and make formal recommendations to the IISC Board through their co-chairs. (To register for these meetings please contact


  • Tricia Bethke, USDA APHIS, The Morton Arboretum
  • Kellie Estes, Illinois Natural History Survey

Committee Members:

  • Jim Tresouthick, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Dale Shumaker, Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Tom Tiddens, Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Suzana Markovic, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Stephanie Adams, The Morton Arboretum
  • Nancy Johnson, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Nick Seitler, University of Illinois Extension
  • Michelle Wiesbrook, University of Illinois Extension
  • Travis Cleveland, University of Illinois Extension
  • Fredric Miller, Joliet Junior College, The Morton Arboretum and Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Matthew Allender, University of Illinois
  • Cesar Coronado, Midwest Groundcovers