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Curriculum for the State of Illinois and Multidiscipline

Curriculum-Goals, Standards and Benchmarks

The curriculum will fit teaching requirements and it meets all ISBE learning Goals, Standards and Benchmarks. Plus, one of the exciting aspects of the program is that we have found that the archery program develops confidence and promotes a higher self-esteem to the students who are not normally involved in activities at school.

The developed curriculum satisfies the following state goals, standards and benchmarks:

Illinois State Goal 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations.

Learning Standard

  • 16.A Apply the skills of historical analysis and preparation.
  • Illinois State Goal 19: Acquire movement skills and understand concepts needed to engage in health-enhancing physical activity.

Learning Standards

  • 19.A Students will demonstrate physical competency in individual and team sports and leisure activities.

  • 19.B Students will analyze various movement concepts and applications.

  • 19.C Students will demonstrate movement in physical activities.

  • Illinois State Goals 21: Develop team-building skills by working with others through physical activity.

Learning Standards

  • 21.A Students will demonstrate individual responsibility during group physical activities.

  • 21.B Students will demonstrate cooperative skills during structured group physical activity.

  • Illinois State Goal 24: Promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication decision making skills.

Learning Standard

  • 24.A Students will demonstrate procedures for communicating in positive ways, resolving differences and preventing conflict.

Essential Benchmarks

  • 16.A.3b Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical sources.

  • 19.A.3 Demonstrate control when performing combinations and sequences of locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative motor patterns in selected activities, games and sports.

  • 19.B.3 Compare and contrast efficient and inefficient movement patterns.

  • 19.C.3a Apply rules and safety procedures in physical activities.

  • 19.C.3b Apply cooperative strategies in selected activities, games and sports.

  • 21.A.3a Follow directions and decisions of responsible individuals (e.g. Teachers, peer leaders, squad leaders).

  • 21.A.3b Participate in establishing procedures for group physical activities

  • 21.A.3c Remain on task independent of distraction (e.g., peer pressure, environmental stressors).

  • 21.B.3 Work cooperatively with others to accomplish a set goal in both competitive and non-competitive situations (e.g., archery).

  • 24.A.2b Demonstrate methods for addressing interpersonal differences without harm (e.g., avoidance, compromise, cooperation).

Multidisciplinary Curriculum

Get the Whole School Involved!


  • scorecard averages
  • geometry activities
  • create graphs

Language Arts

  • the archery journal/extended response questions
  • essay topics outlined
  • literature and reading materials that include archery activities


  • the history of archery
  • history resource materials

Media Center

  • computer lab
  • book marked Internet sites


  • mural of time line of the history of archery