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For Certified IDNR Volunteer Instructors

Information and documents provided on this site are for the use of IDNR certified volunteer instructors.
Safety Education Volunteer Instructors may start scheduling classes as mitigation restrictions allow.  Information about which tier and phase regions are in can be found at:  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics                                                                                        If you have questions concerning what the current restrictions are for your area, please contact your Volunteer Services Coordinator. Thank you


Trapper Education Manual - pdf

Preparing To Hunt From A Tree stand - Video


 Hunter Recruitment Program - Find out more about the new workshops 


Contact your Regional Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC)


  • "The Instructors share a passion and appreciation of nature."
  • "Repeatedly stressing safety education is a Team effort."
  • "Respect of nature and of people is paramount, and this respect is earned."
  • "I just wanted to say Thank you to every one who helped put on the Hunter Safety course."
  • "It was such a pleasure to be in your class, we found you be funny,  very informative and kind-hearted."
  • "Thank you for the amazing job the team does teaching youth safety."