Ethnicities and Women in Illinois

The contributions of women and minorities are often overlooked. Their work in the home or in the community, whether volunteer or in servitude, was vital to our society. Here are a few sites that tell important stories about the role of these important people.




4. Apple River Fort, site of a battle with Native Americans in which women played a key role

8. Bishop Hill, a utopian religious community of Swedish immigrants

12. Norwegian Settlers Monument, notes the settlement of Norwegians in the Illinois Country

16. Pullman Factory, important site in the rise of the African-American middle class and their labor struggles

17. Hotel Florence, named for George Pullman's daughter Florence

22. David Davis Mansion, where Sarah Davis brought gentility and middle class values to the frontier

33. Dana-Thomas House, owned by the forward-thinking Susan Lawrence Dana

38. Lovejoy Memorial, dedicated to a journalist killed for speaking against slavery

47. Pierre Menard Home, slave owner and the first lieutenant governor's home, where the role of women is highlighted

53. Crenshaw House/Hickory Hill, home to salt baron John Hart Crenshaw who exploited African Americans in his salt mines