Native Americans

Illinois was home to many Native American groups throughout history. From the Mississippian period to the beginnings of the historic era and first contact west of the Appalachian Mountains, these sites tell the stories of the first Americans.


5. Albany Mounds, archaeological site containing evidence of human occupation over the last 10,000 years.

4. Apple River Fort, site of a clash between settlers and Native Americans

7. Black Hawk, commemorates Native Americans of the area, particularly the Sauk and Mesquakie

55. Buel House, sits along the Cherokee Trail of Tears

41. Cahokia Mounds, remains of the largest prehistoric Native American city north of Mexico

45. Fort de Chartres, site of interaction between Native Americans and French settlers

11. Grand Village of the Illinois, site of the first Illinois contact between Native Americans and French explorers

56. Kincaid Mounds, remains of a Native American city built hundreds of years ago

47. Pierre Menard Home, where the Illinois lieutenant governor served as a federal agent overseeing Native Americans from 1813-1833