Notable Illinoisans

A number of our sites celebrate Illinoisans who were leaders in politics, the arts, industry and the military. To discover their identities, check out these sites.

19. Carl Sandburg, poet and biographer

22. David Davis Mansion, Lincoln adviser and Supreme Court justice

14. Douglas Tomb, resting place of Senator Stephen A. Douglas

49. Governor Bond Memorial, grave of Illinois’ first governor

39. Governor Coles Memorial, monument to the state’s second governor

13. Governor Horner Memorial, monument to the thirtieth governor and collector of Lincoln documents

18. Governor Small Memorial, monument to the notorious twenty-sixth governor

11. Grand Village of the Illinois, where Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet first met Illinois natives

38. Lovejoy Memorial, monument to slain abolitionist editor

47. Pierre Menard Home, home of a French-Canadian fur trader who became lieutenant governor

16. Pullman, industrial complex created by manufacturer of railroad cars

1. U. S. Grant Home, home of the Civil War general and president

34. Vachel Lindsay Home, home of the poet and artist

3. Washburne House, home of a congressman and associate of Lincoln and Grant

10. Wild Bill Hickok Memorial, birthplace of the famous scout and gunslinger

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