Governor Horner Memorial

HistoricSitesMapGovHorner.jpg2741 W. Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60618





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GovHornerMem.pngThe Governor Horner State Memorial honors Henry Horner (1878-1940), who served as Illinois’ thirtieth governor. In 1914 he was appointed judge of the Probate Court of Cook County. A Democrat, he was elected governor in 1932, reelected in 1936, and died before completing his second term. A great admirer of Abraham Lincoln, Horner bequeathed his magnificent collection of Lincoln material to what is today the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

The Governor Horner memorial consists of a granite monument, designed by Chicago sculptor John Brcin. The front side bears a bas relief representing Horner during his years as probate judge. Behind him is a figure of Justice, and before him are widows and orphans whose cause he championed. The rear side holds a large bronze plaque of Horner standing in front of the statehouse. Inscriptions on both sides extol his services as governor during the Great Depression. The memorial stands in Chicago Park District’s Horner Park