Contact the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office

General Questions

For general questions, please call 217-782-4836 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.


Leibowitz, Rachel – Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, 217-785-5031
Spurgeon, Valerie - Excecutive Secretary, 217-785-1153

Architecture & Tax Incentives (Architectural Design Review, Historic Tax Credits, Property Tax Freeze, Technical & Design Assistance)

Dyson, Carol - Chief Architect, Tax Incentives Coordinator & Deputy SHPO, 217-524-0276
Barris, Anna Margaret - Project Designer, 217-785-7929
Bryjka, Darius - Project Designer, 217-558-8918
Rubano, Anthony - Project Designer, 217-782-7459

Certified Local Governments (Local Preservation, Ordinances, CLG Grants)

Contact Rachel Leibowitz, 217-785-5031
Currently Vacant - Local Government Services Coordinator

Cultural Resource Protection - Federal/State Program Review (Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act, Illinois State Resources Protection Act, Archaeological and Paleontological Resources Protection Act)

Contact Rachel Leibowitz, 217-785-5031
Currently Vacant - Cultural Resources Coordinator 
Currently Vacant - Cultural Resources Manager
Currently Vacant - Chief Archaeologist
Currently Vacant - Archaeologist
Young, LaDonna - Cultural Resources Secretary, 217-785-0313
Blankenship, Tina - Archaeology Secretary, 217-785-4997

National Register of Historic Places, Architectural Survey, and HARGIS

Heckenkamp, Andrew - Survey & National Register Coordinator, 217-785-4324
Hathaway, Amy - Survey & National Register Specialist, 217-782-8588

By U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express or other delivery service:

IDNR - State Historic Preservation Office
1 Natural Resources Way
Springfield, Illinois 62702