Cultural Resource Protection: Checking the Status of Your Project

The Cultural Resource Protection program​ within the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) uses a digital submission and review process. Using the Correspondence Tracking System (CTS), you may view all the projects that you have submitted to us since 2018. To check the status of your projects and to read, download, and print our comments, visit, and enter your password, called "TAXID" on the webpage. After you electronically submit your project to us, please allow up to 30 days for processing and review.

If you do not have or have forgotten your password ("TAXID"), you may request it by emailing Enter "PASSWORD REQUEST" in the subject line.

You may request SHPO responses for projects we received before 2018 by emailing Enter "PROJECT FILES BEFORE 2018 REQUEST" in the subject line, and provide the project address and SHPO log number.

Click here for instructions on how to digitally submit a project for review.