Assessment Freeze Application

Completing and Submitting Your Assessment Freeze Application

Each of the three parts of the program application (Parts 1, 2, and 3) is downloadable from this webpage. Every project must complete and submit all three parts, but they and their supporting documents may be submitted separately. If you have questions, consult our page of Frequently Asked Questions, email us at, or call the Tax Incentives Manager at 217-524-0276. We have moved to digital submittals and reviews for this program and no longer accept hardcopy submissions.

PART 1: Certification of a Historic Building confirms your building is historic. 

PART 2: Request for Approval of a Rehabilitation Plan approves your proposed work as meeting the Standards. 

PART 3: Request for Approval of Completed Work certifies your finished work as having met the Standards. 


Electronically submitting your application

The SHPO digitally accepts and reviews applications for the Property Tax Assessment Freeze Program. Please do not mail your application to our office. Instead, follow these instructions to apply digitally.

  • Each electronic component of your application (i.e., signed Part 1, 2, and 3; continuation pages; photo key; architectural plans; and any other supporting documentation) should be separate ".pdf" documents. Name each of the documents as:
    • <Town Name>_<Building Address>_<Application Part>_<Description of Component>
    • Examples:
      • Highwood_450 Great Ave_Pt 1_form.pdf
      • Chicago_4800 Little St_Pt 2_plans.pdf
  • Photographs must be placed into a folder and named for the address of the project. The images must be high-resolution, color images submitted as either:
    • Individual ".jpg" files placed into their own appropriately named folder. Image files with the ".heic" extension will not be accepted. Each image should be numbered and named [Project] and [Room] or [Feature] (for example, "Photo 3, 208 W Adams, north elevation.jpg" or "Image 24, Jeweler's Building, main lobby looking SW.jpg").
    • A single ".pdf." file named [Project] and [Application component] (for example "Jewelers Building, Part 2 images.pdf") and comprised of appropriately labeled images. 
  • If the total of your submission attachments is 30 MB or fewer, email your submission to or the SHPO architectural reviewer you have been working with on the project.
  • If your submission is larger than 30 MB in total size:
    • Place all your documents into one folder, and name it appropriately
    • Compress or "zip" the folder (information from Microsoft regarding zipping files)
    • Click on this link
    • Click on the blue "Select Files" button
    • When prompted, navigate to the zipped folder on your computer, select it, and click "Open."
    • Click "Upload." You should see a green check that indicates your files have been successfully uploaded.