Cultural Resource Protection: Submitting a Wind Farm Project for Review

The Cultural Resource Protection program within the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) uses a digital submission and review process. We do not accept hardcopy submissions of Regulatory projects.​ Click here for instructions on how to check the status of our review of your projects.

Wind Farm projects in Illinois are reviewable under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act or under the Illinois State Agency Historic Resource Preservation Act, depending on which state or federal action they require.

Electronic submission:

Email your submission to You do not have to combine the documents into one .pdf.

If your submission is 25 MB or larger in total size:

  • Place all your documents into one folder and omit any commas in the folder name
  • Compress or "zip" the folder (information from Microsoft regarding zipping files)
  • Upload the zipped folder to:, and enter "" as the recipient
  • Click on "Advanced Options" and select "15 days" as the length of time your documents will remain on the State FTP site


Your Wind-Farm submission must contain:

Cover letter


Architectural Resources Survey

Archaeological survey, testing, or mitigation reports