At times, it is impossible to prevent adverse effects to occur to properties in implementing state or federal projects. In these cases, the parties enter into an agreement document that details how these adverse effects will be dealt with and offset. We also enter into operational programmatic agreements with agencies and communities to streamline individual project review. Here is a list of those documents in effect in Illinois:

95th Street Extension MOA
104 W. Wood St. Bloomington MOA
10454-56 S. Maryland Ave. MOA
3137 S. Oak Park Ave. Berwyn MOA
402, 404 and 406 Main St., Keithsburg MOA
801 Perry, Peoria YWCA MOA
ABLA Redevelopment MOA
Allerton Bridge Replacement MOA
Alton Multimodal Transportation Center MOA Amendment
Alton Multimodal Transportation Center MOA
Amended BRAC Army PA
Apple Creek Bridge MOA
Argonne Bldg. 301 MOA
Argonne Freund Swimming Pool and Bathhouse MOA
Argonne NL East PA
Argonne TSR MOA
Atkinson Bridge Replacement MOA
Atkinson Road Bridge MOA
Bailey Road Bridge MOA
Barber Coleman MOA
Barrville Creek Bridge MOA
Beck-Fockler House MOA
Bella Oaks MOA
Bemis Motor Company Building MOA
Blackberry Creek Dam MOA
Brick Milking Parlor MOA
Broadband Initiatives PA
Brookwood Middle School, Glenwood MOA
Building 11 Great Lakes NTS MOA
Building 38H Great Lakes NTS MOA
Building 141 at Col. P. Schulstad USARC MOA
Building 105 - Boiler House C Rock Island Arsenal MOA
Building 48, Scott AFB MOA
Building 51 Hines VA MOA
Building 521 Great Lakes MOA
Building 53 Rock Island Arsenal MOA
Building 76, Great Lakes MOA
Building 82 Rock Island Arsenal MOA
Buildings 12, 26, 40 and 74 VHA Illiana Health Care, Danville MOA
Buildings 54 and 141 Rock Island Arsenal MOA
Buildings 155 and 6325, Scott AFB MOA
Cairo Demolition MOA
Campbell's Island MOA
Carpentersville Roundabout MOA
Champ Clark Bridge Replacement MOA
Chanute AFB PA
Chanute Air Force Base Closure-Disposal
Charleston Post Office MOA
Chicago Executive Airport Hangar 1 MOA
Chicago Harbor Lock Gate Replacement MOA
Chicago Harbor Lock PA
Chicago Housing Authority PA
Chicago to St. Louis High-Speed Rail PA
Cisco Bridge Replacement MOA
City of Aurora PA
City of Aurora 2013-2020 PA
City of Bloomington PA
City of Bloomington 2017-2022 PA
City of Decatur PA
Clark Island Bridge MOA
CMAP EECBG, SEP & WAP PA - BetterBuildings
Colona S. 3rd St. Crossing MOA
Comer Children's Hospital Addition MOA
Conveyor Belt over the I & M Canal MOA
County Highway 17 Bridge Replacement MOA
County Highway 23 (Ed Hand Bridge) MOA
Crane and Moreland Building MOA
CWLP Springfield MOA
Danville Area Community College Master Plan MOA
Danville Beltline PA
Delegation of Authority for Minor Projects FHWA PA
Dempster Street Station MOA
Dept. of Energy EECBG, SEP ans WAP Programs PA
Division Street Bridge MOA
Dixon Hydroelectric PA
Dixon Springs U.S. Forest Service 12 Structure MOA
Dixon Springs U.S. Forest Service MOA
DMAIL PA 2017-2022
Dogwood Creek Bridge MOA
Downer Place Bridges MOA
East Harrison St. Bridge MOA
Emiquon PA
Euro American Traditional Archaeological sites PA
Exel Warehouse MOA
F4U-1 Corsair Recovery MOA
Federal-aid Transportation Projects in Illinois PA
First National Bank of Beardstown - Winchester MOA
FM-2 Wildcat Recovery MOA
Fort Sheridan BRAC PAA
Fullerton Parkway Bridge Replacement MOA
FutureGen 2.0 PA
Galena Stauss Hospital MOA
Galesburg Kellogg-Seminary Street Grade Separation MOA
Geneva 6th Street School MOA
Girard Community Ctr. MOA
Glasgow Roodhouse Springs Road Bridge Replacement MOA
Gooseberry Creek Bridge MOA
Great Lakes and Fort Sheridan Privatization PA
Great Lakes Operational PA
Greathouse Creek Bridge Replacement MOA
Hangar 1 at Glenview NAS MOA
Hofmann Dam MOA
Homan Square MOA
I-64 and Rieder Road PA
IL Route 29 (FAP 318) MOA
IL Route 89 (FAP 698) Bridge Replacement MOA
IL Route 336 (FAP 315) MOA
Illiana Corridor Tier Two PA
Illinois River Bridge Replacement, Meredosia MOA
Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration PA
Illinois Waterway Project Office MOA
Illinois Youth Center - St. Charles 4 Building Demolition MOA
Ingersoll Building MOA
ISU South Campus Residence Hall Complex and Rambo House MOA
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial MOA
Joint Military-Civilian Use of Scott Air Force Base PA
Joliet Army Ammunition Plant PA
Julia C. Lathrop Homes Redevelopment PA
Julia C. Lathrop Homes Redevelopment PA Amendment
Kane County PA
Kane County PA Amendment
Kane County PA 2010-2016
Kedzie Ave.-Marquette Park Bridge Replacements MOA
Kinkaid Lake Bridge MOA
Knobeloch Farmstead MOA
LaFox METRA Third Track MOA
LaHarpe Creek Bridge MOA
Lanesville Bridge MOA
LaSalle Dr. Viaduct Bridge Replacement MOA
Lena Milling Company MOA
Lincoln Log Cabin Visitor's Center MOA
Lincoln Middle School, Jackson County MOA
Lincoln Schools, Logan County MOA
Little Dry Fork Bridge MOA
Littlers Creek Bridge MOA
Lock and Dam 21 Hydro MOA
Locks and Dams 3 through 22, UMR PA
Lockport Pool, Chicago S&SC MOA
Lockport Pool, Chicago S&SC Amendment 1
Long-Term Dredged Material Placement PA
MacArthur Highway Bridge Replacement MOA
Macomb Bypass IL Route 336 (FAP 315) MOA
Macon County Beltway MOA
Main St. Bridge MOA
Marillac House MOA
Marquette Park Bridges MOA
Marseilles Lock and Dam Hydro PA
Martinsville High School MOA
McClugage Bridge Replacement MOA
McDowell Grove Dam MOA
Meadowbrook Manor MOA
Memorial Stadium, UIUC MOA
Menard Corr. Ctr. MOA
Mental Health Building at Marion VA MOA
Merchants Railroad Bridge MOA
Merriman-Littlefield Cemetery MOA
Moline CDBG, HUD and IHDA PA 10-31-11 thru 10-31-21
Morris Bank MOA
Mosquito Creek Bridge MOA
NEIU Superintendent's Cottage MOA
N. Halsted St. Bridge MOA
National Bank, Hillsboro MOA
Natural Resources Conservation Service IL Prototype PA
Naval Station Great Lakes PA
Nettle Creek Aqueduct MOA
Nettle Creek Aqueduct Amendment MOA
New I-74 Bridge, Moline MOA
New Cook County Hospital MOA
New Mississippi River Bridge MOA
Nowell Park Bathhouse MOA
Oakwood Blvd. Viaduct MOA
O'Hare Modernization Program MOA
Old Chapel, Pontiac Correctional Center MOA
Old McLean County Courthouse MOA
Oneida Junior High School MOA
Ottawa Pavilion MOA
Petersburg Bank MOA
Pioneer Parkway Extension MOA
Pullman Interagency Agreement
Regional Permits No. 26 and 27 PA
Richland Creek Bridge MOA
Rockford Public Library MOA
Rock Island PA 1997-2007
Rockford EECBG MOA
Rockies Express Pipeline MOA
Rowland Barracks MOA
Sampson Street Bridge MOA
Sauget Business Park MOA
Savanna Army Depot PA
Scott AFB PA
Short-Term Dredged Material Placement PA
Silas Willard Elementary School MOA
Snag Creek Bridge MOA
St. Leo's MOA
Stagecoach Trail Bridge MOA
Stateville Powerhouse MOA
Stone Creek Bridge MOA
Streator Twp. H.S. MOA
Sugar Camp Energy Mine MOA
Sugar Creek Wind Farm MOA
Tribal MOU
U.S. 34 (FAP 313) MOA
U.S. 52-IL 64 Bridge Replacement MOA
U.S. 67 (FAP 310, IL 255) MOA
U.S. 67 Jacksonville to Macomb MOA
Univ. of Chicago Children's Hospital MOA
Upper Mississippi River IWSNFS PA
USCG Cutter Mackinaw MOA
Utica Bridge MOA
Veterans Drive PA
Village of Oak Park 2012-2017 PA
Vole Creek Bridge MOA
Walnut Estates-Fry Octagonal Barn MOA
Walnut Ridge Wind Farm PA
Warrenville Grove Dam MOA
Will County PA 2010-2015
Wilson and Lawrence Avenues Bridge Replacement MOA
Wilson Transfer Station MOA
Window Replacement Amendment #1, Rock Island Arsenal Bldgs. 60, 62, 66, 67, 68
Window Replacement for Bldgs. 60, 62 & 68, RIA MOA
Wood River Drainage & Levee Dist PA
Ziock Building MOA