Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council

The Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council is the body that votes on new National Register Properties in Illinois. The Council meets three times a year and is comprised of 15 members. There are at a minimum, three historians, three architectural historians, or architects with a preservation background, and three archeologists. The remaining six members have to have a preservation interest and are drawn from supporting fields, such as, but not limited to planning, law, local government, and historical geography.



Dan Monroe, Historian (CHAIR) - Champaign (2017-2019)

Donald Booth, Archaeologist - Alton (2016-2018)

Mercy Davison, Preservation Advocate - Normal (2016-2018)

Danielle Euer, Architectural Historian - Chicago (2016-2018)

Victoria Granacki, Preservation Advocate – Chicago (2015-2017)

Meg Kindelin, Architect - Chicago (2016-2018)

Douglas J. Kullen, Archaeologist – Aurora (2015-2017)

Sarah Lawrence, Preservation Advocate - Carbondale (2017-2019)

Curtis Mann, Preservation Advocate - Mt. Auburn (2016-2018)

Daniel J. O'Rourke, Archaeologist - Bolingbrook (2017-2019)

Christen A. Sundquist, Architectural Historian - Elgin (2017-2019)

Raymond Terry Tatum, Historian – Chicago (2015-2017)

Edward Torrez, Architect - Chicago (2017-2019)

Janine Wilkosz, Architectural Historian – Plainfield (2015-2017)

Jan Zimmerman, Historian - Mt. Olive (2016-2018)

Erich Schroeder - Illinois State Museum​ (non-voting)
Sam Wheeler - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (non-voting)

 IHSAC By-Laws.pdf          Presentation Rules.pdf

2017-2018 IHSAC Meeting Schedule

2017  February 24 - June 30 - October 27

2018  February 23 - June 29 - October 26

Properties to be considered on October 27, 2017

Mattoon -- Lumpkin Heights and Elm Ridge Subdivision Historic District.pdf

Mattoon -- Burgess Osborne Memorial Auditorium.pdf

LaGrange --Emmanual Episcopal Church.pdf

LaSalle -- LaSalle Downtown Commercial District.pdf

Chicago -- Elizabeth Peabody School.pdf

Chicago -- Promontory Point.pdf

Kankakee -- Kankakee Downtown Historic District.pdf

St. Charles vicinity - Corron Farm.pdf

Princeton -- Princeton North Main Street Historic District.pdf

Princeton -- Princeton South Main Street-Courthouse Square Historic District.pdf

Supporting Meeting Material

June 2017 minutes.pdf

IHSAC Meeting Location.pdf