Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council

The Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council is the body that recommends places in Illinois to the National Register of Historic Places. It also advises the State Historic Preservation Office on matters pertaining to historic preservation. The Council meets three times a year and is comprised of 15 members. There are at a minimum, three historians, three architectural historians, or architects with a preservation background, and three archaeologists. The remaining six members have to have a preservation interest and are drawn from supporting fields, such as, but not limited to planning, law, local government, and historical geography. Lastly, a representative from both the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and Illinois State Museum serve on the Council in an advisory capacity as non-voting members.


Dan Monroe, Historian (CHAIR) - Champaign (2017-2019)

Donald Booth, Archaeologist - Alton (2016-2018)

Mercy Davison, Preservation Advocate - Normal (2016-2018)

Danielle Euer, Architectural Historian - Chicago (2016-2018)

Adam Smith, Architectural Historian - Champaign (2018-2020)

Meg Kindelin, Architect - Chicago (2016-2018)

Ayla Martine Amadio, Archaeologist  - Carbondale  (2018-2020)

Sarah Lawrence, Preservation Advocate - Carbondale (2017-2019)

Curtis Mann, Preservation Advocate - Mt. Auburn (2016-2018)

Daniel J. O'Rourke, Archaeologist - Bolingbrook (2017-2019)

Christen A. Sundquist, Architectural Historian - Elgin (2017-2019)

Devin Hunter, Historian - Springfield (2018-2020)

Edward Torrez, Architect - Chicago (2017-2019)

Jayne Bernhard, Preservation Advocate - Downers Grove (2018-2020)

Jan Zimmerman, Historian - Mt. Olive (2016-2018)

Erich Schroeder - Illinois State Museum​ (non-voting)
Sam Wheeler - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (non-voting)

 IHSAC By-Laws.pdf          Presentation Rules.pdf

2018 IHSAC Meeting Schedule

 February 23 - June 29 - October 26

Properties to be considered on February 23, 2018

Glen Carbon -- Glen Carbon Village Hall and Firehouse.pdf

Fairfield -- House at 502 S.E. 4th Street.pdf

Rock Island -- Best Building.pdf

Bloomington--Bloomington High School.pdf

Winfield -- Himmelfarb House_Studio.pdf

Normal--Children's Village.pdf

Chester -- Christian F. Weinrich House.pdf

Chester -- Old Fire House.pdf

Chester -- Hugh B Nisbet House.pdf

Chester -- Frederick Weistar House.pdf

Past IHSAC Meeting Minutes

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February_26th_2016.pdf     June_24th_2016.pdf    October_28th_2016.pdf
February_24th_2017.pdf     June_30th_2017.pdf     October_27th_2017.pdf