Charles Lockhart
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Details about Charles Lockhart
Date Period:
Year Born: 1/9/1927
Year Died: 4/11/2013
Brief Description: Fire Fighter, Deputy Fire Chief, boxing coach
Origin: Springfield
Associated Illinois Cities: Springfield

Charles LockhartCharles Lockhart moved to Springfield in 1921. His career with the Springfield Fire Department began in 1929, retiring in 1966 as deputy fire chief.

Fire House 5 was responsible for everything east of 10th Street. If there was a second alarm at a fire downtown, they assisted there too. After the 1930's when Lake Springfield was built, Fire House 5 was responsible for southern Springfield, too.

After horses were no longer used at Fire House 5, sometime during the 1920s, the crew converted the station's upper floor to a training facility for amateur boxers. From the 1930s until after World War II, Lockhart coached Golden Glove boxers there. In 1992 he was inducted into the Springfield Sports Hall of Fame as a Friend of Sports for his work in boxing. He was a member of Central Lodge 3 which now occupies historic Fire House 5.