William Henry Herndon
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Details about William Henry Herndon
Date Period: 1818 - 1891
Year Born:
Year Died:
Brief Description: Lawyer, Mayor, biographer
Associated Illinois Cities: Springfield

William HerndonBorn in Kentucky, William Herndon was brought to Sangamon County, Illinois, as a child.  Study at the prep department of Illinois College inspired a love of reading a strongly antislavery outlook.  In 1844 Herndon became Abraham Lincoln's third and final law partner.  On a few occasions during the 1850s he represented alleged fugitive slaves as they fought legal efforts to enslave them.  In 1855 he served as Springfield's mayor. 

Even before Abraham Lincoln's death Herndon planned a biography of his partner.  He collected reminiscences from many who had known Lincoln in the early days.  The book he produced with a ghostwriter, though proven wrong on many points, remains a classic study.