Positions filled under the Personnel Code require obtaining an eligibility grade from the Department of Central Management Services (DCMS) for appropriate position titles. Counseling services are available at DCMS for those individuals unsure of the position titles they may qualify for. It should be noted that although your name appears on an eligibility list, it does not assure you of a personal interview. Illinois veterans are given preference in employment interviews and consideration.

The Disabled Hiring Initiative Committee (DHIC) was formed in response to Public Act 96-0078, which requires the development and implementation of programs to increase the number of qualified employees with disabilities working in State government.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Illinois Human Rights Act, State agencies must ensure that the employment process is accessible to persons with disabilities. Specifically, these laws require that the State provide reasonable accommodations upon request by individuals participating in all steps of the employment process. This includes the initial testing phases of the candidate selection process for state positions as well as the subsequent employment interview process. Any and all accommodation requests by applicants throughout the State employment process should be appropriately reviewed and considered by human resources staff in state hiring agencies. If you need such an accommodation, please contact Jill Johnson.


DCMS administers civil service examinations for all agencies, boards and commissions under the jurisdiction of the Governor. DCMS maintains an open competitive examining program for individuals seeking employment with the State of Illinois. It does not guarantee that a person who has established eligibility with the State will be appointed to a position, but provides agencies such as the Illinois EPA with lists of qualified candidates from which to select employees.

Job Postings

DCMS or the Illinois EPA cannot predict when a vacancy will occur, but you can  view jobs that are posted with the intent to fill.

Members of the armed forces of the United States are given absolute preference in all positions where the appointment is made from an eligible list.

Employment Counselors

If you are unsure of what titles you may be qualified for, you may contact a DCMS employment counselor in Springfield or Chicago:

Capital City Center
130 West Mason Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Phone: 217-557-6885
TDD: 217-785-3979

Central Management Services
James R. Thompson Center, Suite 3-300
100 West Randolph
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: 312-793-3565
TDD: 312-814-4458