New and Proposed Rules

The information available through this website is provided solely for the convenience of interested persons. It should not be cited as an official or authoritative source. Illinois rulemakings are governed by the Illinois Administrative Procedures Act and applicable administrative rules. The official version of the Illinois Administrative Code is maintained and published by the Secretary of State. The Illinois EPA does not review or edit the information available through this website, and any deviation from the official versions is unintentional. In addition, amendments, Illinois Pollution Control Board and court decisions, and other proceedings may affect statute and rule text, interpretation, validity, and constitutionality. You are urged to consult official documents or contact legal counsel of your choice regarding state and federal statutes and regulations.

Please note that many of the rules administered by the Illinois EPA are Illinois Pollution Control Board Regulations. If you do not find the rules you are looking for please try the Pending Rulemakings page on the Illinois Pollution Control Board website.

Emergency Rules

  • 35 IAC 604 - Cross Connection Control Device Inspectors

Draft Proposed Rules to be Filed with the Illinois Pollution Control Board

  • 35 Ill. Adm. Code 620 - The Illinois EPA is proposing changes to 35 Ill. Adm. Code 620.  Prior to filing with the Illinois Pollution Control Board, the Illinois EPA will accept comments on the draft proposed rules.  Written comments must be received by the Illinois EPA by June 25, 2021.  Comments must be submitted to Additionally, the Illinois EPA will host a virtual public meeting to review the proposed changes and answer questions concerning the proposal. The meeting will be held at 1:00 pm on May 26, 2021. See the 620 website for additional details about the rulemaking and how to participate during the comment period.

Proposed Rules

Comments on proposed rules may be submitted in writing as specified in the respective Notice of Proposed Rules linked below.


Newly Adopted Rules

The following rules are Illinois EPA rules adopted within the past year.

Illinois EPA Regulatory Agenda

  • The Illinois EPA publishes its regulatory agenda semi-annually to identify rulemakings it is considering proposing.


Joint Committee on Administrative Rules: The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules' website contains contact information for the members of Joint Committee, as well as links to online versions of the Illinois Register and Illinois Administrative Code.