Air Quality for Citizens

These are the air quality topics that we believe might be of most interest to you as a citizen of Illinois. For even more information, visit our main air quality page.

  • Vehicle Emissions Testing, including FAQs, testing station locations, station wait times, repair shop report cards, forms, and more.
  • Alternate Fuels and Clean Diesel     
  • Asbestos, including information about asbestos in the home, requirements, and forms.
  • Climate Change
  • Mercury, including compact fluorescent lamps, alternatives to mercury-containing products, disposal, and cleanup of spills.
  • Open Burning, including permit requirements, prescribed burning, and burning of landscape and agricultural waste.
  • Burn Barrels, including FAQs, local ordinances, publications, and reports.
  • Air Quality Index, showing daily Air Quality Index numbers, critical pollutants, and tomorrow's forecast.
  • Illinois EnviroFlash, a partnership with the US EPA that provides air quality notifications.

 For even more information, visit  our main air quality page.