Citizens Information

These are some general topics that we believe might be of most interest to you as a citizen of Illinois. For even more information, visit our main Topics page and  our Topics A-to-Z list.

  • Community Relations, including fact sheets about specific sites, as well as information about burn barrels, illegal dumping, right-to-know, radon, and more.
  • Environmental Justice, including our EJ Policy, the grievance procedure, the Environmental Justice Advisory Group, and the Commission on Environmental Justice.
  • Get Involved, including environmental information, green tips, your local environment, and finding local services.
  • In Your Home, including information about asbestos, fluorescent lamps, pollution prevention, electronics recycling, lead-based paint, and more.
  • Public Notices, including those about public hearings, NPDES permits, Section 401 water quality certification, and more.
  • Citizen Pollution Complaint, including how to submit a complaint and an online form to do so.
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests, including FOIA rules, fees, and an online form to submit your request.
  • Small Business, including publications about how to know whether your business needs a pollution control permit, the forms you will need, how to manage and dispose of waste, and more.
  • Right-to-Know, including explanations of the Right-to-Know laws, as well as links to notices.
  • Emergency Response, including contact numbers, frequently asked questions, and related links.
  • Illinois Energy Conservation Code, The 2015 IECC became effective in Illinois on January 1, 2016

For even more information, visit  our main Topics page and  our Topics A-to-Z list.