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Ag Waste, Fertilizers, and Pesticides


Agricultural Waste & DisposalPharmaceuticals
Farm PollutantsMedication & Sharps Disposal
Pesticides and Fertilizers
Pesticides: Uses & Misuses (Illinois Department of Agriculture)



Asbestos Abatement(IL Department of Public Health)Mercury Spills(Illinois Department of Public Health)



Electronics RecyclingMold FAQs(Illinois Department of Public Health)
Sustainable Management of Electronics(USEPA)     Mold(U.S. EPA)

Fluorescent Lamps


Fluorescent LampsRadon (Illinois Emergency Management Agency)
Fluorescent Lamp RecyclersHealth Risk of Radon(USEPA)

​Hazardous Waste Resources 

​Used Oil, Used Tires, and Absorbents

Household Hazardous WasteUsed Oil
Household Waste Disposal SolutionsUsed Tires
Household Hazardous Waste CollectionsAbsorbents


Lead and Paint