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As the State of Illinois responds to the COVID-19 situation, the Illinois EPA continues its work to protect the environment and public health in Illinois. Following guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Public Health to reduce the spread of coronavirus, most employees are currently on alternative work arrangements. As a result, the best way to contact the Illinois EPA is through e-mail. Below are resources and information on programs impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact information is also provided for the various Illinois EPA programs.

Compliance Expectations

Circumstances brought on by measures to reduce risks associated with COVID-19 may have an impact on compliance with environmental requirements. The Illinois EPA has developed an approach regarding environmental compliance expectations with information and guidance on how to address those situations. With Illinois now in Phase 4 of Restore Illinois, which includes all manufacturing open with approved safety guidance, Illinois EPA’s modified enforcement measures as described in its Compliance Expectations Statement will be ended effective August 31, 2020.  That date will allow sufficient time for resumption of normal compliance efforts by regulated parties.  After that date, the Illinois EPA will expect full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within its jurisdiction.  Normal enforcement of noncompliance will resume at that time.
Illinois EPA Compliance Expectations Statement

A list of requests and inquiries received by the Illinois EPA related to environmental compliance expectations will be updated weekly until August 31, 2020.
Environmental Compliance Requests *updated 09/03/2020


Vehicle Emissions Testing

For the status of Illinois Air Team emissions testing locations, please visit the Illinois Air Team website.  You may also click the link to see a List of Stations and wait times. If you have questions, call the Air Team Call Center at 844-258-9071.

Extensive precautions are in place and follow Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines to protect motorists and our staff. Motorists are asked to do their part to keep us all safe and abide by the following:

  • Do not visit an Air Team testing location if you are currently under self-quarantine, isolation or if you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms,
  • One person per vehicle and no pets,
  • Wear a face covering or mask,
  • Practice social distancing and follow the procedures in place at Air Team testing locations.

Additional information can be found here.

Bureau of Air Contacts



General Questions about air quality and similar issues.

Waste Disposal and COVID-19

COVID-19 Household Waste Disposal Guidelines Fact Sheet (Revised June 2020)
This fact sheet is intended to provide useful information on disposing of household waste that may have come into contact with COVID-19 (“the virus”). The information contained in this fact sheet is derived from the best available sources as of March 15, 2020. As research about the virus continues and additional information becomes available, some of the practices identified below may change. Please contact your local health department and waste hauler for any additional information related to handling waste impacted by COVID-19.

Proper Disposal of PPE at COVID-19 Testing Locations

COVID-19 is a respiratory tract illness spread person-to-person and, in some cases, can be fatal. Some wastes, including COVID-19 test kits, personal protective equipment, and similar items that could come into contact with the virus, should be separated from other materials as soon as practicable to avoid unnecessary exposure. 

This fact sheet is to provide clarification on the proper disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE) at community-based testing sites and other medical facilities established to test for COVID-19 in Illinois.

Yard Waste Disposal During the COVID-19 Response

As a result of circumstances created by COVID-19, some residents are facing changes in their usual methods of yard waste disposal. This factsheet provides an overview of options for yard waste disposal. Residents should check with their local waste hauler and local government to be sure a particular option is available in their respective communities. 

Potentially Infectious Medical Waste General Requirements
Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW) is waste generated in connection with:

  1. The diagnosis, treatment (i.e., provision of medical services), or immunization of human beings or animals;
  2. Research pertaining to the provision of medical services; or
  3. The production or testing of biological waste.

This page provides some of the PIMW requirements found in the Illinois Environmental Protection Act and Illinois Pollution Control Board Regulations.  

Household Hazardous Waste Collections
The Spring 2020 One-Day Collection Schedule has been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions.  Some long-term household hazardous waste collections sites have also closed due to COVID-19 precautions.  Please check with those facilities for more information.

Bureau of Land Contacts

Other Land Contacts

Water Quality Issues in Buildings and Water Distribution Systems

Guidance for Maintaining Water Systems During Reduced Use and Returning Water Systems to Regular Use after Extended Periods of Reduced Use

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has provided this guidance for building owners and operators, and public water supply operators to address potential water quality issues prior to “re-opening” buildings to normal occupancy and water usage.  The IDPH guidance document provides a comprehensive approach related to recommended flushing procedures contaminant mitigation procedures, and water quality monitoring. 

Additional guidance is available from U.S. EPA.

Drinking Water and Wastewater Operations and COVID-19

COVID-19 Guidance and Information for Community Water Systems 
This document has been developed to provide guidance to Community Water Systems on procedures that should be taken to address the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Guidance and Information for Wastewater Treatment Systems
This document has been developed to provide guidance to Wastewater Treatment Systems on procedures that should be taken to address the COVID-19 outbreak.

CDC Guidance - Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

WHO Guidance - Water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management for COVID-19 virus

CDC - Water and COVID-19 FAQs

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Division of Water Pollution Control
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  • The 2020, Poster, Poetry, and Prose Reception and Awards Ceremony has been canceled. Illinois EPA's Environmental Education coordinator will work with individual teachers when possible to distribute awards to winners and participants of the contest.  A news release will be issued by the Illinois EPA announcing the awards winners and participants.