Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group

In 2006 Governor Blagojevich announced a new global warming initiative that will build on Illinois’ role as a national leader in protecting the environment and public health. The announcement marked the beginning of a long-term strategy by the state to combat global climate change, and builds on the steps the state has already taken to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, such as enhancing the use of wind power, biofuels and energy efficiency.

Executive Order 2006-11 signed by Governor Blagojevich creates the Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group, which will consider a full range of policies and strategies to reduce GHG emissions in Illinois and make recommendations to the Governor. The Advisory Group has broad representation including business leaders, labor unions, the energy and agricultural industries, scientists, and environmental groups from throughout the state. The Governor named Doug Scott, Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, as Chair of the Advisory Group.

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