What are Brownfields?

Brownfields are abandoned or under-used industrial and commercial properties with actual or perceived contamination and an active potential or redevelopment. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Remedial Project Management Section (RPMS) manages the Brownfields loan programs and offers technical support to communities through the services of its Brownfields Representatives. 

Brownfields Representatives

Brownfields Representatives from the Illinois EPA regularly assist cities in taking on Brownfields, such as vacant factories and closed gas stations. City leaders who are eager to return Brownfields to productive use soon find it can be a complicated process. Local governments may lack the expertise and resources needed to locate funding, negotiate property transactions, perform environmental investigations & cleanups, and resolve legal concerns. Brownfields Representatives meet with city leaders to:

  • Explain cleanup options, regulatory program requirements, and environmental liability status;
  • Help municipalities secure public and private financial assistance; and
  • Guide potential loan recipients through the Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment process.

Illinois Brownfields Redevelopment Loan Program

The Illinois Brownfields Redevelopment Loan Program offers low interest loans to support efforts by local governments and private parties to clean up Brownfields that have already been assessed for contamination. These cleanups typically take place under the Illinois EPA voluntary Site Remediation Program. The loans will pay for limited investigation, remediation, and demolition costs at brownfields sites. The Illinois EPA administers the loan program, which includes soliciting loan applications and managing funds.

Brownfields Program Regulations

Title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code, including:

  • Part 731 - Underground Storage Tanks
  • Part 732 - Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks (Releases Reported September 23, 1994 through June 23, 2002)
  • Part 734 - Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks (Releases Reported On Or After June 24, 2002) 

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