Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund

​Pursuant to Public Act 101-400, effective July 1, 2020, the Illinois EPA serves as administrator of the Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund ( "the Fund"). As administrator, the Illinois EPA is responsible for licensing drycleaning facilities in Illinois, administering the environmental liability coverage that drycleaning facilities can obtain under the Fund, and reviewing remedial action and insurance claims made against the Fund.

In response to requests by owners and operators of retail drycleaning facilities, the Fund was established by the Illinois General Assembly in 1997 to make financial resources available for the cleanup of spills and/or leaks from drycleaning machines and solvent storage units. The Fund consists of three primary parts:  licensing, remedial action reimbursement, and insurance.

  • Licensing: Licensing is mandatory for all retail drycleaning facilities in Illinois. The annual license fee ranges from $1,500 to $5,000, based upon the amount of drycleaning solvent purchased annually by a drycleaning facility.
  • Remedial Action Reimbursement: The Fund reimburses drycleaning facilities owners and operators for the cleanup of soil or groundwater contamination identified during site assessments conducted between July 1, 1997 and June 30, 2006.
  • Insurance: The Fund provides up to $500,000 in environmental liability coverage to pay for the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from a current or future spill or leak of drycleaning solvent at an insured facility. A $10,000 deductible applies to each incident.

The Fund is financed by the drycleaning industry via the following revenue streams:  the annual drycleaner licensing fees; a solvent tax charged on each gallon of solvent purchased by drycleaners; insurance premiums paid by the drycleaners for environmental liability coverage; and, annual administrative fees paid by inactive drycleaning facilities that remain eligible for reimbursement from the Fund for remedial action costs. In addition to providing reimbursement for remedial action costs and environmental liability coverage for drycleaners, Fund revenue pays for Illinois EPA's costs for administering the Fund.


Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Questions may also be submitted to drycleanerfund@illinois.gov

Licensing FAQs

Is the license fee an annual fee or one-time only fee?

The license fee is an annual fee due by December 31.

What is the annual license fee period?

The annual license period is January 1 through December 31.

What is the amount of the annual license fee?

The annual license fee is determined by the annual volume of drycleaning solvent purchased in the year preceding the license. See the chart below for license fee amounts based on annual volume.

​License Fee​Chlorine-Based Solvents​Green Solvents​Petroleum with Reclaiming​Petroleum with NO Reclaiming
​$ 1,500​0-50 gallons ​0-50 gallons0-250 gallons0-500 gallons
​$ 2,250>50-100​>50-100 ​>250-500​>500-1000
​$ 3,000​>100-150​>100-150​>500-750​>1000-1500
​$ 3,750​>150-200​>150-200​>750-1000​>1500-2000
​$ 4,500​>200-250​>200-250​>1000-1250​>2000-2500
​$ 5,000​>250​>250​>1250​>2500

*For a facility using both types of solvents, the license fee is based on combined usage of both types of solvents using a conversion factor.

When is the license fee due?

The annual license fee is due to the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR) by December 31. Operators that fail to pay the license fee when due are subject to a penalty of $5 per day until the fee is paid in full.

Where do I pay my annual license fee?

The annual license fee is paid directly to the Illinois DOR using the Dry-Cleaning Operators' License Fee Payment Form DS-3. The Illinois DOR will mail a DS-3 Form to all known operators of active drycleaners in November of each year. The license fee and the payment Form DS-3 are to be submitted to the Illinois DOR at the address listed on the DS-3 Form.

Can I submit a personal check to the Department of Revenue for payment of my annual license fee?

No. The Illinois DOR requires that a cashier's check, money order, traveler's check, business check, credit card payment, or cash be used as payment of the annual license fee.

Where can I obtain a license application form?
CLICK HERE Link Coming Soon! for an online application and access to other required forms.

Is participating in a compliance program required to obtain a drycleaner license from the Illinois EPA?

No.  Effective July 2020, the DERT Fund Act was amended to remove the requirement that license drycleaners participate in a drycleaner compliance program approved by the Drycleaner Environmental Trust Fund Council. 

What do I do with the copy of the DS-3 Form I received back from the Department of Revenue, or the credit card receipt, after I have paid my annual license fee?

Attach the certified copy of the DS-3 Form or your credit card receipt to your annual license application and send your license application to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency at the following address:

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau of Land Drycleaner Fund #24
1021 North Grand Avenue East
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

I have not received my certified copy of my DS-3 Form from the Department of Revenue. Who can I contact to find out the status of my license fee payment and obtain a certified copy of my DS-3 Form?

You can contact the Illinois DOR Sales Tax Division by phone at 217-782-7517 or by mail at:

Illinois Department of Revenue
Sales Tax Division
P.O. Box 19034
Springfield, Illinois  62794-9034


Where do I go to make a credit card payment to pay my license fee?

Credit card payments can be paid directly through the Illinois State Treasurer's website .

What do I use to show a payment made by credit card?

A receipt can be printed from your computer at the time you make your payment through the Illinois State Treasurer's website. You can then submit this printed receipt with your licensing paperwork.

What are Green Solvents?

Approved Green Solvents are:

  • CO2
  • Propylene Glycol Ether DPnB
  • Green Earth

What is a reclaimer and how do I determine what I have?

A reclaimer is a process by which solvent vapors are recaptured during the drycleaning process and are not emitted into the atmosphere.

How can I verify that a drycleaning facility s currently licensed?

You can view the current license, which is required to be posted at the facility, or you can CLICK HERE Link Coming Soon! for a current listing of licensed drycleaning facilities. You may also contact Illinois EPA at drycleanerfund@illinois.gov to inquire about the license status for a specific facility.

Remedial Action Reimbursement FAQs

The Fund provides reimbursement for eligible costs associated with site investigation and cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination discovered at eligible drycleaning facilities between July 1, 1997 and June 30, 2006. An initial application for facility eligibility must have been submitted to the Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fun Council by June 30, 2005.

Are there specific eligibility requirements that must be met in order to receive reimbursement from the Fund?

Yes. For a listing of these requirements, refer to 35 Ill. Adm. Code Part 1500.

Does a deductible apply to obtain reimbursement from the Fund?

Yes. A $5,000, $10,000, and/or $15,000 deductible applies depending on whether the drycleaning facility is active or inactive.

Active Drycleaning Facility Deductibles:

  • $5,000 for site investigation costs
  • $15,000 for cleanup costs

Inactive Drycleaning Facility Deductibles:

  • $10,000 for site investigation costs
  • $15,000 for cleanup costs

Is there a summary document that explains the claim-filing process?

Yes. The Forms and Instructions can be found HERE Link Coming Soon!.

Do I need to have the Fund's pre-approval of all cleanup costs prior to moving ahead with the cleanup work?

Yes. All costs must be pre-approved PRIOR TO work being conducted.

To what levels do I need to clean up my site?

The cleanup must be conducted under the Illinois EPA's Site Remediation Program. Cleanup levels will be determined in accordance with the Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO), pursuant to 35 Ill. Adm. Code Part 742. Only those costs necessary to achieve cleanup levels determined in accordance with TACO are eligible for reimbursement from the Fund.

Does Illinois EPA require competitive bids for cost approvals?
Illinois EPA may require a claimant to obtain and submit three (3) competitive bids.

Insurance FAQs 

The Fund will provide environmental liability coverage for the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination from releases that occur during the dates of insurance coverage. Maximum cleanup benefits are $500,000 with a $10,000 deductible. The annual insurance premium is $1,500.  

Are there specific requirements my facility must meet in order to obtain insurance coverage from the Fund?

Yes. See 35 Ill. Adm. Code Part 1500.

Where can I get an insurance application?

CLICK HERE Link Coming Soon! for an online application or email your request for an application to drycleanerfund@illinois.gov .

Do I have to do a site investigation prior to qualifying for insurance coverage from the Fund?

Yes. Any owner/operator wanting to obtain insurance coverage from the Fund for their drycleaner site must complete a site investigation prior to obtaining insurance coverage.

If I discontinue my drycleaning operations halfway through the year, can I receive an insurance premium refund?

No, there are no premium refunds.

If I sell my drycleaning business to another individual, can I transfer the insurance policy to the new operator?

Maybe. The insurance policy may be transferred from the current named insured to another insurable party upon completion of an insurance policy transfer form that must be signed by the existing policyholder and the prospective policyholder.


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