Lead Service Line Information

Effective January 1, 2022, the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (LSLRNA) (Public Act 102-0613) replaced the former lead materials inventory requirements found in the Illinois Environmental Protection Act at 415 ILCS 5/17.11.  

The first purpose of the LSLRNA is to require owners and operators of community water supplies to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive water service line material inventory and replacement plan.  The lead service line replacement and notification requirements can be found at 415 ILCS 5/17.12.  A well-developed materials inventory will allow communities to be able to prioritize and strategize the replacement of known lead service lines within their water distribution system.

Material Inventory Requirements

The material inventory shall identify:

  • The TOTAL number of service lines in the community water supply (CWS);
  • The material of EACH service line connected to the CWS's distribution system;
  • The number of suspected lead service lines that have been identified since the last material inventory was submitted; and
  • The number of suspected or known lead service lines that were replaced since the last material inventory was submitted

Additionally, to the best of the CWS’s ability, the CWS shall identify the service line, which means the piping, tubing, and necessary appurtenances acting as a conduit from the water main or source of potable water supply to the building plumbing at the first shut-off valve or 18 inches inside the building, whichever is shorter.

When completing the material inventory, the owner or operator shall at a minimum:

  • Prioritize the inspection of high-risk areas idendified;
  • Review historical documents to determine service ine material;
  • Visually inspect service lines and document material when doing maintenance;
  • Identify any time period service lines would have been connected to the distribution system and were primarily lead service lines; and
  • Discuss service line repairs and installation with other employees, contractors, plumbers, and other workers who worked on service lines connected to the CWS.


  1. The INITIAL Material Inventory is required to be developed by April 15, 2022.
  2. The INITIAL Material Inventory is required to be electronically submitted to the Illinois EPA by April 15, 2023.
  3. The COMPLETE Material Inventory is required to be submitted to the Illinois EPA no later than April 15, 2024.

Lead Notification Tools

Summary of Public Water Supply Service Line Material Inventories

Summary Data for 2020 Reporting Year - Updated Jan. 14th 2022.

  • 1,756 of 1,758 Community Water Supplies have reported inventory information.
  • Of the 3,852,509 total services lines reported, the material inventory breakdown is as follows:

    Unknown Material 819,586
    Copper with Lead Solder
    Unknown, but NOT Lead
    Copper without Lead Solder 1,378,454
    Cast/Ductile Iron or Transite

Frequently Asked Questions

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Agency Contacts

Any programmatic questions regarding the LSLI Grant Program, the LSLI NOFO, or the LSLI Grant Program application can be directed to the IEPA's Infrastructure Financial Assistance Section staff at:

Illinois  Environmental  Protection  Agency

Bureau of Water, #15

1021 North Grand Avenue East

P.O. Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

Email:  lanina.clark@illinois.gov

Phone: (217) 782-2027   (Lanina Clark)

Any questions regarding Lead Service Line Replacement Requirements and/or Lead Service Line Inventory requirements can be directed to the IEPA's Division of Public Water Supplies Compliance Assurance Section Staff at:

Illinois  Environmental  Protection  Agency

Division of Public Water Supplies Compliance Assurance Section

1021 North Grand Avenue East

P.O. Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

Phone: (217) 785-0561

 Service Line Material Inventory Reports

Facility Id Facility Name County Total Connections Report Date Reporting Year