Statewide Poster and Poetry/Prose Exhibit




Due to school closings for inclement weather, the Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest deadline has been extended to February 7, 2019.


Dear Fifth/Sixth Grade Educators,


We invite your students to participate in the annual Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest. The theme of the 2019 event is Green Transportation - Keeping the Air Clean for a Healthy Future!  focusing on how individuals and communities can make green transportation choices for cleaner air. 


We believe that the creation of posters and written works gives your students an opportunity to express and share, on a deeper and more personal level, what they have learned. The student exhibit also draws attention to environmental issues.


We recommend that you have a school exhibit of your students' works. Ask students and faculty to vote for their favorite entries. Then send the Illinois EPA the top four posters and top four poetry/prose entries (representing the school) for inclusion in the statewide exhibit. The works will be on display at the Illinois EPA April 29 through May 24.


Students whose works have been chosen for the exhibit, together with their parents and teachers, will be invited to an awards reception in Springfield. Finalists will receive recognition and twelve students (six in each category) will have their works displayed as top award winners.  


The top twelve entries also will be displayed on the Illinois EPA website providing additional recognition for the winning entries as well as promoting the program.


To participate in the poster and poetry/prose contest you will need the participation packet, which contains the rules and necessary forms. Please read the timetable below and note important dates and deadlines.

Contest Materials:

Exhibit timetable is as follows:

January 2019
Educators introduce green transportation, how it relates to air quality, and how to choose cleaner, more sustainable options for transportation. 
January 14th - 22nd
Students create posters or written works relating to the theme focus.
January 23rd - 30th
Teachers display posters and poems/prose at their school. Students and faculty vote to select four posters and four written entries to submit to the Illinois EPA for further judging.
February 1st
Teacher/school sends four posters and/or four poems/prose to the Illinois EPA; a total of eight entries per school. Entries must be postmarked before or on February 1, 2019. Due to school closings for inclement weather, the Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest deadline has been extended to February 7, 2019.
February 26th
Illinois EPA staff selects the top posters and written works for exhibition.
February 27th
A panel of judges (from local organizations) selects the top twelve entries.
April 27th
Reception and awards ceremony held in Springfield.
April 29th - May 24th
Top posters, poems and prose on exhibit at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Springfield.

Informational resources can be found on the following web sites:

All entries become the property of the Illinois EPA. If you have any questions, please call Kristi Morris at (217) 558-7198.

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