Emergency Response

In case of an emergency call:

  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency — (217) 782-7860 or (800) 782-7860 (in Illinois)
    Emergency Release Notification Fact Sheet
  • National Response Center — (800) 424-8802
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (if the emergency involves the release of potentially hazardous materials to the environment) — (217) 782-3637

Non-emergency Inquiries or Concerns

Mission of the Office of Emergency Response

Protect the health and safety of the citizens of Illinois during emergency incidents involving the release of oil, hazardous materials or other contaminants, while stabilizing, minimizing or eliminating the environmental consequences to the land, air or waters of the state.

Emergency Operations Unit

The Emergency Operations Unit (EOU), within OER, coordinates Illinois EPA’s response to environmental emergencies involving oil or hazardous materials and ensures that any environmental contamination is cleaned up. EOU works with other response agencies including the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), which is the initial contact for responses to an emergency or disaster in Illinois.

Agency Safety Unit

To comply with the Illinois Health and Safety Act, Illinois EPA’s Agency Safety Unit conducts the necessary training of all response staff and provides appropriate protective equipment for emergency response actions.