Energy Efficiency at Waste Water Treatment Plants

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Illinois EPA's Office of Energy is teaming up with the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) to help local municipalities save energy and reduce the cost of wastewater treatment. SEDAC and ISTC will provide free energy usage assessments to publicly-owned wastewater treatment plants.

The cost of wastewater treatment can be a significant burden for municipalities, especially when the infrastructure is aged or inappropriately sized for the community it serves.  This partnership will help municipalities identify ways to improve their systems and realize cost savings for their communities.

The final assessment reports will break down recommendations for energy efficiency improvements at each facility. This will include information such as upfront costs for equipment upgrades or retrofits, estimated time it will take for the upgrade costs to pay-off in energy savings, and the resulting energy and monetary savings that could result from upgrades and retrofits. Similar assessments would ordinarily cost municipalities between $6,000 and $12,000.

To learn more about Water Treatment Plants, visit SEDAC’s Fact Sheet. To learn more about the partnership with SEDAC, eligibility for the program, or the application, visit SEDAC's Wastewater Program page.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Energy Efficiency Grant

The current round of WWTP energy efficiency funding is closed. Please contact our Office of Energy, contact information below, to receive updates on future funding rounds.

Illinois EPA is funding energy efficiency improvements at waste water treatment plants.  Potential applicants must have completed an energy efficiency assessment for the waste water treatment plant and be GATA pre-qualified.  Illinois EPA will dispense up to $3,000,000 for this first round of energy efficiency improvements. The deadline to apply is February 12, 2019.  The Notice of Funding Opportunity is below. 

Grant Accountability and Transparency Act

Applicants must create an account and pre-qualify through the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Grantee Portal, prior to application submittal. During pre-qualification, Dun and Bradstreet verifications are performed including a check of Debarred and Suspended status and good standing with the Secretary of State. The pre-award process also includes a financial and administrative risk assessment utilizing an Internal Controls Questionnaire. Registration requirements may be found at the Grantee Pre-Award Requirements page.

Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

In accordance with GATA, Illinois EPA is providing a Notice of Funding Opportunity.  Applicants may find the Notice of Funding Opportunity and all application materials below and also at Illinois’ GATA webpage. Applicants must pre-qualify prior to application submission. For further information see the GATA webpage.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm CST on February 12, 2019. Applications should be signed, scanned and submitted to by 5:00 pm CST on February 12, 2019. Please read all instructions because late, incomplete, or improperly submitted applications will be rejected. If you would like a copy of the Notice of Funding Opportunity e-mailed to you, please contact Travis Grupe at or 217-785-8841, for assistance.


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