Forms, Permits, and Fees

Permitting Overview
Provides a general description of permits issued by the Illinois EPA and links related to permitting, including the Permit Tracking System.

Provides information regarding all fees implemented by the Illinois EPA. 

Public Notices
Provides a listing of all public notices issued by the Illinois EPA.

Statutes and Regulations
Links to environmental laws and rules

Expedited Permitting
Provides information on the expedited permitting process

Permit Annual Summary
Provides information annually reported by the Illinois EPA by type of permit issued.

Bureau of Air Forms

Annual Emission ReportGeneral Operating Permit
Clean Air Act Permit Program (CAAPP)CAIR NOx
Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP)Open Burning Permits
Lifetime Permits and Registration of Smaller SourcesAsbestos, Tank Truck and Other Air Forms
​​State Air Permit 

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Bureau of Land Forms

Brownfields FormsPermit Forms and Instructions
Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) FormsPotentially Infectious Medical Waste Forms
DrycleanerSite Remediation Forms
Electronic Waste Recycling FormsTiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO)
Generator FormsUnderground Injection Control Forms
Landfill Operator Certification FormsUsed Oil Collection Forms
Leaking Underground Storage Tank FormsUsed Tire Forms
Manifest FormsWaste Management Forms

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Bureau of Water Forms

Drinking Water ComplianceSurface Water
Drinking Water OperatorViolation Templates
Drinking Water PermitsWastewater Compliance
Financial AssistanceWastewater Operator
Groundwater ProtectionWastewater Permit Forms
Mine Pollution Control Program FormsWater Quality Standards
Public Supply Field OperationsWatershed Management

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