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ERMS-Related Clean Air Act Permit Program Forms

505-CAAPP Supplement to CAAPP Application (Revised 11/16/94)
600-CAAPP Instructions Emissions Reduction Market System (ERMS) Addendum
602-CAAPP Instructions General Instructions for ERMS Supplements to CAAPP Applications
620-CAAPP Instructions Emission Baseline Data for Emission Unit(s)
621-CAAPP Instructions Justification for Voluntary Overcompliance
623-CAAPP Instructions Summary of Baseline Emissions for ERMS
630-CAAPP Instructions Baseline Emissions for Emission Unit(s) for Which Exclusion from 12% Reduction is Claimed

Seasonal Report Forms

100-ERMS Instructions Emissions Summary
100A-ERMS Instructions Total Actual Seasonal VOM Emissions
100B-ERMS Instructions Emission Units Permitted Prior to January 1, 1998, Without Three Years of Data
100C-ERMS Instructions Emissions Attributable to Major Modifications
100D-ERMS Instructions Emissions From Approved Emergencies
100E-ERMS Instructions Emissions Due to Variance, Consent Order or CAAPP Compliance Schedule
100F-ERMS Instructions Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) Seasonal Emissions

Other ERMS Forms

110-ERMS Emergency Conditions Report
111-ERMS Instructions ERMS Account Officer Form
112-ERMS Instructions ERMS Account Officer Designation Form
113-ERMS Instructions ERMS Transaction Account Form
114-ERMS Instructions ERMS Special Participant Form
115-ERMS Instructions Request for ATU Balance Correction
116-ERMS Instructions ERMS Transaction Request Form
118-ERMS Instructions ERMS Transfer Agreement Form
119-ERMS Instructions Request for Regular Access to ACMA
120-ERMS Instructions Request for Special Access to ACMA
121-ERMS Instructions Request for Buy/Sell Notice Posting
122-ERMS Instructions ERMS Transfer Agreement Cancellation Form