Used Tire Transportation Registration

Used Tire Transportation Registration Facts:

  1. Any person transporting more than 20 used tires in Illinois must do so in a vehicle that is registered with the Illinois EPA for used tire transportation.
  2. A registered vehicle must be properly placarded on both sides of the vehicle. Placarding instructions are provided in the last section of these instructions.
  3. No person shall provide, deliver or transport used or waste tires to a tire transporter for transport unless the transporter's vehicle displays a placard issued by the Agency under this Subpart identifying the transporter as a registered used tire transporter.
  4. There is no charge to the applicant to register vehicle(s) with the Agency.
  5. Registration approval typically takes 7 to 14 calendar days (although applicable regulations allow the Illinois EPA up to 90 days for review approval, and denial).
  6. Registration period is two years from the date of approval by the Agency.
  7. The Illinois EPA does not send renewal reminders to current registrants.  Please keep track of your registration expiration date and submit your renewal application at least 90 days in advance of the expiration date. 
  8. Vehicle placards will be sent to you with your registration approval notice.
  9. A used tire is defined as a worn, damaged, or defective tire that is not mounted on a vehicle.

General Information

To become a registered used tire transporter in Illinois, the applicant must submit a completed original Used Tire Transportation Registration Application. The application is a fillable Adobe Acrobat PDF form that can be completed online before it is printed, signed and submitted to the Illinois EPA.

You may either:

  1. complete the application online, print the application, sign and mail it to the address at the top of the application form; or
  2. print the application and complete it manually, sign and mail the application to the address at the top of the application form.

In either case, you must submit an original completed application to the Illinois EPA. Applications received via FAX, e-mail, or other means that do not include original signatures by the owner and operator of the vehicle(s) to be registered will not be considered for approval.

Once the application is completed, mail it to:

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau of Land/Used Tire Program
1021 N. Grand Avenue East
P.O. Box 19276
Springfield, IL 62794-9276

Any vehicle(s) added during the term of the registration must be registered by submitting a complete original application marked "Added Vehicle." The expiration date for the added vehicles will be the same date as the expiration date of the existing registration.


Top Portion of Page 1:

Indicate whether the application is a new application (never before registered), renewal, or application for an added vehicle to a previously-issued registration. Do not mark more than one choice under this section. If the application represents a renewal or an added vehicle, enter the registration number from the previously-issued registration. In addition, enter the expiration date from the previously-issued registration if applicable. Indicate whether you would like to be listed as a commercial (for-hire) used tire transporter. The Illinois EPA maintains a list of registered commercial used tire transporters on our web site as a service to tire retailers and the public.

Please enter the 10-digit Illinois EPA Bureau of Land inventory number if known.

Part 1: Owner and Operator Information

All fields in Part 1 must be completed. If any item does not apply to you, enter "N/A" (not applicable). Do not leave the non-applicable item blank. If an application is reviewed and found to be incomplete or incorrect, it will be rejected and returned to the applicant. Applications must be signed by both owner and operator (or authorized representative). Applications not signed in both spaces will be rejected and returned to the applicant.

Part 2: Receiving Facilities

Provide the name(s), address(es) and phone number(s) of all facilities where you transport used tires for processing or disposal. All facilities listed must be operating registered commercial used tire processing facilities. The Illinois EPA maintains an online list of registered commercial used tire processing facilities.

Part 3: The Vehicle Description Sheets

When completing the vehicle description, note that each of the three sections has two parts and all must be completed for each vehicle. Applications registering several pieces of equipment may use additional vehicle description sheets as needed. Complete both parts of all three sections.

If vehicle(s) to be registered includes a tractor-trailer, only the trailer (vehicle) is registered in Illinois. All six items on the vehicle description sheet will apply to the trailer. Tractors are listed only when being used with roll-off equipment that connects directly to the power unit. In that situation, the first two columns (a and b) will be tractor information. A and B in the last columns will be:

  1. roll-off box
  2. the capacity (30cy)

In this situation (roll-off box connected directly to power unit) only the tractor will be registered and placarded. When registering a tractor-trailer, only the trailer is registered and placarded.

State License Plate No.VehicleDescription
  1. state from which plates are assigned
  2. license plate number
  1. make-model year
  2. identification (S/N)
  1. type
  2. capacity
  1. IL
  2. 6352
  1. Mack 1986
  2. P932502
  1. Roll-off boxes
  2. 30 cy
  1. IL
  2. 3925ST
  1. Freuhauf 1962
  2. 3529203
  1. Van trailer
  2. 40 ft.

Should you have any questions concerning the completion, submittal or review of the Used Tire Transportation Registration Application, please contact the Illinois EPA's Used Tire Program at (217) 785-8604.

Vehicle Placarding Instructions

  1. The Used Tire Transportation Registration number is a company-specific 5 digit number. The registration number consists of a "T" followed by four unique numbers specific to the approved applicant. The approved applicant's registration number ("T" number") must be placed below the words "Registered Tire Transporter," and above the expiration seal that is sent to the applicant upon registration approval. A proper vehicle placard must be placed on both sides of each registered vehicle.
  2. Numbers and letters shall not be less than 2" high and shall be permanently affixed (i.e. painted) and must be removable only by destruction. The figures are to read from left to right, be of contrasting color to their background, and be maintained in a legible condition.
  3. Directly adjacent to said words and number, the vehicle owner and operator shall display a seal furnished by the Agency which shall designate the date on which the registration shall expire.
  4. Below is an illustration of a proper vehicle placard:
Registered Tire Transporter
T_ _ _ _
(Illinois EPA-issued expiration seal)

If you have any unusual vehicle configuration that creates problems complying with the above display criteria, contact the Used Tire Program at (217) 785-8604.