Industrial Activities General Permit

Permit Expiration Notice: The General NPDES Permit for Industrial Activity expires on March 31, 2022. Part D. Paragraph 7.b. of the permit (Duty to Reapply) requires permittees to submit an NOI for renewal no later than 150 days after the new General Permit is issued. Permit Renewal does not require a fee.

A revised Storm Water Industrial Activity permit (ILR00) is presently being developed by the Agency.  Previous changes to the expired permit include:

  1. The permit requires the electronic submission of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for all new and existing discharges. The SWPPPs shall be submitted to For existing permits the SWPPP shall be submitted at the same time as the annual report.
  2. The permit requires the electronic submission of Annual Inspection Reports to:
  3. The permit now contains numerous changes to the contents of the SWPPP.
  4. A revised Notice of Intent has been developed which contains additional information similar to USEPA's Multi-Sector General Permit.
  5. Effective January 1, 2010, online Notices of Intent will be available. Refer to the Industrial Storm Water page for online submittals.

General Stormwater Permits

Construction Site Activities General Permit

The renewal of the NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharge from Construction Site Activities was finalized on July 30, 2013 and modified on April 30, 2014 to clarify requirements for Best Management Practices (BMPs) for post-construction. This permit is effective July 31, 2018. Modifications to the new permit include:

  1. Part II.C.9 has been added to require revised Notices of Intent be submitted when there is a substantial change to a project including:  address changes, new contractors, area of coverage, additional discharges to waters of the state, or other substantial modifications.
  2. Part II.D has been modified to include electronic submissions by registered users. 
  3. Part II.F.2 has been modified to allow for electronic submission of Notices of Termination by registered users.
  4. Part III.A.3 and Part III.A.4 concerning prohibition of specific non-storm water discharges and groundwater dewatering have been modified pursuant to Federal Regulations under 40 CFR 450.
  5. Part IV.B.5 requires a copy of the permit coverage letter be posted at the site in a prominent place for public viewing.
  6. Part IV.D.2 (d) has been added to require the identification of all treatment chemicals used at construction activities.
  7. Part IV.D.2(f) and Part IV.D.4(e) concerning pollution prevention measures and corrective actions were included due to the requirement of 40 CFR 450.
  8. Part IV.D.2 (g) (iv) requires the storm water pollution prevention plan include spill response procedures and provisions for reporting releases in excess of reportable quantities.
  9. The Agency included references to the most current Illinois Urban Manual (2012).