How to Manage Your Used Tires

The information presented in this fact sheet is intended to provide a general overview of some of the requirements for managing used tires. It is to be used as a compliance assistance tool and does not replace statutory or regulatory requirements.

Why are tire stockpiles a concern?

  • Tire stockpiles constitute fire hazards that could produce toxic smoke and oils.
  • Water-filled tires provide prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can carry dangerous diseases such as encephalitis.

What regulations apply to businesses that store used tires?

In early 1992, new regulations were established regarding used tires in Illinois. At a minimum, Illinois law requires businesses that store over 50 used tires on their property to so  notify the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA).

"used tire" is a worn, damaged, or defective tire that is not mounted on a vehicle wheel rim.

If a business does not qualify for an  exemption under the law, it must also  register with the Illinois EPA. A registration form and a $100.00 fee must be submitted annually.

To notify or register, call the Illinois EPA Used Tire Unit at (217) 785-8604.

How can businesses qualify for an exemption?

Businesses may qualify for an exemption from the registration, fee and other storage requirements if they store used tires:

  • outside and never accumulate more than 250 used tires
  • within a building or trailer so that the tires are kept dry and  never accumulate more that 1,300 used tires

Businesses that store more than 250 used tires outside or 1,300 used tires inside should call the Illinois EPA Used Tire Unit for further assistance.

Should businesses be concerned about their tire transporter?

Only tire transporters registered with Illinois EPA may haul used tires in Illinois. Businesses that generate used tires must have their tires hauled by registered tire transporters. Records should also be maintained to document the dates of used tire removal and numbers of used tires removed from a site.

A registered used tire transporter must have a company-specific five digit registration number on both sides of the permitted vehicle. The registration number will appear below the words "Registered Tire Transporter", and above an expiration seal which shall designate the date on which the registration shall expire.

Contact Illinois EPA Used Tire Unit for a list of registered used tire transporters in your area.

What additional requirements apply to tire retailers?

Tire retailers are required by law to:

  • Collect from their customers a $2.50 fee for each tire sold to be paid to the Illinois Department of Revenue Used Tire Management Fund. (A collection allowance of 10 cents per tire can be retained by retailers. This fee must be stated on the bill of sale as a distinct item separate from the selling price of the tire.)

    Required recycling notice depicting recycling symbol and the following statements; Do Not put used tires in the trash. Recycle your used tires. State law requires us to accept used tires for recycling, in exchange for new tires purchased.
  • Accept used tires from a customer for recycling in a quantity equal to the number of new tires purchased by the customer.

  • Not allow used tires to accumulate for more than 90 days.

  • Conspicuously post a written notice of at least 8.5 by 11 inches that includes the universal recycling symbol and the following statements:

    " DO NOT put used tires in the trash";

    "Recycle your used tires"; and

    "State law requires us to accept used tires for recycling in exchange for new tires purchased".

For more information on the topic, contact:

Illinois EPA Office of Small Business Environmental Help Line

toll free at (888) EPA-1996

Illinois EPA Used Tire Unit (217) 785-8604