Bureau of Land

The Bureau of Land protects human health and the environment by regulating the transfer, storage, and disposal of waste, and by overseeing the cleanup of contaminated properties.  The Bureau’s permitting programs regulate a wide range of waste related activities, including those involving municipal waste, landscape waste, composted material, construction and demolition debris, potentially infectious medical waste, and hazardous waste.  The Bureau provides direct financial and administrative support for the collection and disposal of hard to manage wastes such as household hazardous waste and unwanted medications.  Where possible and appropriate we support diverting materials from disposal facilities and towards re-use and recycling, including programs that address hard to recycle materials such as used tires and consumer electronics.  We regularly inspect facilities to ensure compliance with applicable standards and operating requirements.  For property that has become contaminated, we oversee cleanup to ensure it is protective of human health and the environment and provides for the safe re-use of the property.  Whether a Bureau program is aimed at preventing contamination or the reduction or elimination of existing contamination, everyone in the Bureau of Land has the same goal:  protecting people and the environment from threats posed by environmental contaminants.