The Illinois EPA, Bureau of Land has been receiving groundwater and leachate monitoring data electronically since the mid to late 1990s. Submission of monitoring data electronically has proven to be a superior means of efficiently transmitting and merging large amounts of new data with existing facility data.

If you are responsible for the preparation and submittal of groundwater and leachate data, the transition from paper to electronic reporting shouldn't be too difficult. Familiarity with the LPC-160, the form used for many years, will provide a good understanding of the file formatting needs. The big difference between paper and electronic reporting is the file format, fixed width text file, and the two file types required to transmit all of the data provided on the LPC-160.

The LPC-160 is a data entry form consisting of two different files. The top portion of the first page contains the 01 record, monitoring point sampling event information. The bottom portion of the LPC-160 contains the 02 record, the constituent and field measurement results. Both files are fixed width text files with specific formatting needs. Review the formatting needs and examples for a complete explanation of process. The method you use to format the files is your choice. Any software package that can save or export a file as a fixed width text file can be used.

The Bureau of Land is willing to assist you during the transition should you run into any difficulties. Should you have any questions or require further assistance contact the Bureau of Land Permit Section at (217) 524-3300 or

Submission of Groundwater Monitoring Data

You may email your results to: This is the only address where groundwater monitoring data will be accepted. Results submitted to any other address will be deleted.