WatershedWaters (Assessment Unit ID)Impairments AddressedStart DateStatus
Altamont New ReservoirAltamont New ReservoirPhosphorus2001 Approved 10/2004
Ashland New ReservoirAshland New ReservoirManganese2008 Approved 11/2009
Bay CreekBay Cr.Manganese, low DO2004

Approved 11/2007

Bay Cr. DitchManganese, low DO
Cedar Cr.Manganese, low DO
Vienna Corr. Center LakeManganese
Bay Cr. Lake #5Phosphorus
Beaucoup CreekBeaucoup Cr.Low DO, sulfates, TDS2001 Approved 6/2004
Beaucoup Cr.Low DO
Little Beaucoup Cr.Manganese, low DO
Swanwick Cr.Manganese, sulfates, low DO
Walkers Cr.Manganese, sulfates, TDS
Washington County LakePhosphorus, low DO
Big Muddy River/ Kincaid LakeKincaid LakepH2001 Approved 9/2004
Big Muddy R.Manganese, sulfates, pH, low DO
Bloomington LakeBloomington Lake (IL_RDO)Total phosphorus, nitrates2005 Approved 9/2008
Bonnie CreekBonnie Cr.Sulfates2001 Approved 6/2004
Galum Cr.Silver, sulfates, TDS
Galum Cr.Manganese, low DO
Little Galum Cr.Manganese, sulfates, TDS
Bonpas Creek

Bonpas Cr. (IL_BC-02)

Atrazine,  Fecal coliform2014 Approved 3/2019
New West Salem  Reservoir (IL_RBQ)Total phosphorus
Cahokia Creek/ Holiday Shore LakeCahokia Cr.Fecal coliform2004

Approved 9/2007

Stage 2 Report

Cahokia Division ChannelCopper, low DO
Tower LakePhosphorus, pH
Holiday ShoresManganese, phosphorus
Cahokia CanalLong LakePhosphorus2004

Approved 8/2009

Frank Holten 3 LakePhosphorus, low DO
Frank Holten 2 LakePhosphorus
Frank Holten 1 LakePhosphorus
Prairie Du Pont Cr.Low DO
Harding DitchFecal coliform
Cahokia CanalManganese, low DO, fecal coliform
Canteen Cr.Copper, manganese, TDS
Canton Lake

Canton Lake(IL_RDD)

Manganese, Total Phosphorus, Total Dissolved Solids2012

Approved 6/2017

Carlinville LakeCarlinville LakeAtrazine2013

Approved 9/2016

Casey ForkCasey ForkManganese, TDS, low DO2001

Approved 9/2004

Casey ForkManganese, low DO
Sevenmile Cr.Manganese, low DO
Cedar CreekCedar Cr.DO, TSS, ammonia-N2000 Approved 8/2002
Cedar Creek and LakeCedar Cr.Cooper, iron, manganese, pH, low DO2004 Approved 8/2008
Big Muddy R.Manganese, sulfates, pH, low DO
Cave Cr.Low DO
Murphysboro LakePhosporus
Little Cedar LakeManganese
Cedar LakeManganese
Charleston Side Channel ReservoirCharleston Side Channel ReservoirPhosphorus2001 Approved 9/2003
Crab OrchardCrab Orchard Cr.pH, low DO, fecal coliform2004 Approved 8/2008
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, low DO
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, sulfates, pH, low DO, TDS, fecal coliform
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, sulfates, pH, low DO, TDS
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, low DO, pH
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, pH
Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, low DO
Little Crab Orchard Cr.Manganese, low DO
Piles Fk.Low DO
Crab Orchard LakePhosphorus
Marion LakeManganese, phosphorus
Campus LakePhosphorus
Herrin NewManganese
Carbondale City LakeManganese, phosphorus
Crooked CreekCrooked Cr.pH, low DO, atrazine2004


Crooked Cr.pH, low DO
Plum Cr.Manganese, low DO
Plum Cr.Low DO
Plum Cr.Manganese, low DO
Little Crooked Cr.Manganese, low DO
Salem LakeManganese, phosphorus, low DO
Centralia LakeManganese, phosphorus
Raccoon LakeManganese, phosphorus, pH, low DO
Nashville City LakeManganese, phosphorus, atrazine
​Crooked Creek/Lost Creek

​Kaskaskia River (IL_O-07)

Kaskaskia River (IL_O-25)

Crooked Creek (IL_OJ-07)

Crooked Creek (IL_OJ-11)

Lost Creek (IL_OJB-04)

Prairie Creek (IL-OJBA)

Grand Point Creek (IL_OJC-01)

Raccoon Creek (IL_OJF)

Salem Lake (IL_ROR) 

​Dissolved Oxygen






Final Report

Fact Sheet

DesPlaines/Higgins CreekAlbert Lake (outlet)Dissolved oxygen2009

Final TMDL Meeting Presentation

Buffalo Creek Clean Water Partnership

Final TMDL Report

Final Decision Document

Final Approval Letter

Beck LakePhosphorus (total)
Big Bear LakePhosphorus (total)
Big Bend LakePhosphorus (total)
Bresen LakePhosphorus (total)
Buffalo CreekChloride, dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform
Buffalo Creek LakeDissolved oxygen, phosphorus
Countryside LakePhosphorus (total)
Diamond LakePhosphorus (total)
Forest LakePhosphorus (total)
Halfday Pit LakeDissolved oxygen
Higgins CreekChloride, fecal coliform
Higgins CreekChloride, dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform
Lake CharlesPhosphorus (total)
DuPage River - East BranchE. Br. Dupage R.TDS/conductivity, chloride, DO1999 Approved 9/2004
E. Br. Dupage R.DO
E. Br. Dupage R.Chloride, DO
DuPage River/
Salt Creek

DuPage River (IL_GB-11)

Chloride, Fecal Coliform


Approved 9/2019

Stage 1 Report Appendix A Water Quality Data

Stage 1 Report Appendix C NPDES Permit Limits

Development of Septic Maps for Targeted Subbasin

Septic Maintenance Pamphlet

​DuPage River (IL_GB-16)​Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
West Branch DuPage River (IL_GBK-05)Fecal Coliform
​West Branch DuPage River (IL_GBK-09)​Fecal Coliform
​West Branch DuPage River (IL_GBK-14)Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
Spring Brook (IL_GBKA)Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
​Spring Brook (IL_GBKA-01)​Fecal Coliform

East Branch DuPage River (IL_GBL-10)

Fecal Coliform
​Salt Creek (IL_GL-09)​Fecal Coliform
​Salt Creek (IL_GL-10)​Fecal Coliform
Salt Creek (IL_GL-19)Fecal Coliform
Addison Creek (IL_GLA-02)Fecal Coliform
DuPage River - West BranchW. Br. Dupage R.Chloride2001 Approved 5/2004
W. Br. Dupage R.Chloride
W. Br. Dupage R.Chloride
W. Br. Dupage R.Chloride
Dutchman CreekDutchman LakeLow DO2001 Approved 9/2004
 ​Dutchman Cr.
​East Fork Kaskaskia River/Farina Lake

​East Fork Kaskaskia River (IL_OK-02)

North Fork Kaskaskia River (IL_OKA-01)

Kinmundy Olak Lake (IL_ROZY)

Farina Lake (IL_SOB)

​Dissolved Oxygen



Atrazine, Terbufos


Phosphorus (Total)



​Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

East Fork Kaskaskia River/ Farina Lake (Simazine)East Fork Kaskaskia River/ Farina LakeSimazine2013

Approved 9/2016

Evergreen LakeEvergreen LakePhosphorus2003

Approved 12/2006

Fox RiverFox R.Low DO2001 Approved 9/2004
Olney East Fork LakePhosphorus, low DO
Borah LakePhosphorus, pH
Galena/Sinsinawa RiversGalena River (IL_MQ-01)

Fecal Coliform, Sedimentation/Siltration, 

Total Suspended Solids, Zinc

2017 Approved 6/2018
Sinsinawa River (IL_MS)Sedimentation/Siltration
Frentress Lake (IL_RMA)

Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphorus (Total), 

Total Suspended Solids, Turbidity

Glen Shoals/ Hillsboro Old LakesGlenn Shoals LakePhosphorus2003 Approved 11/2006
Hillsboro Old LakeManganese, phosphorus
Lake Glenn Shoals,

Hillsboro Old Lake

Approved 9/2014

Governor BondGovernor Bond LakePhosphorus, suspended solids, siltation1999

Approved 9/2002

Implementation Project

Greenville and Coffeen LakesGreenville Old LakePhosphorus2004

Approved 9/2007

Coffeen LakePhosphorus
Highland Silver LakeHighland Silver LakeManganese, phosphorus, low DO2003

Approved 10/2006

Hodges CreekOtter LakeManganese2003

Approved 11/2006

Palmyra-Modesto LakeManganese, low DO, pH
Hettick LakePhosphorus, low DO
Hodges CreekLow DO
Horseshoe Lake (Madison County)Horseshoe LakePhosphorus, pH2004

Draft Stage 3 Report

Final Stage 1 Report

Horseshoe Lake (Alexander County)Horseshoe LakeTotal Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids2013

Approved 8/2016

Fact Sheet

Kankakee RiverSugar Cr.Fecal coliform2007 Approved 9/2009
Iroquois R.Fecal coliform
Kaskaskia River - East Fork (I)East Fork Kaskaskia R.TSS2000 Approved 8/2003
Kaskaskia River - East Fork (II)E. Fk. KaskaskiaLow DO, fecal coliform2003 Approved 9/2006
Farina LakeManganese
Old Kindmundy LakeManganese
New Kindmundy LakeManganese
Kindmundy Borrow PitManganese
Kaskaskia River - LowerKaskaskia RiverAtrazine, Manganese2008

Approved 2/2012


Kaskaskia RiverFecal Coliform, Manganese
Kaskaskia RiverManganese
SLM Side Channel ReserviorAtrazine, Manganese
Mud CreekManganese, DO
Coulterville ReservoirPhosphorus, Atrazine, Manganese
Horse CreekDO
Richland Creek - SouthDO
Kinney BranchManganese, DO
Richland Creek - SouthDO
Sparta NW ReservoirPhosphorus (Total), Atrazine, Manganese
Kaskaskia RiverDO, pH, Fecal Coliform, Atrazine, Manganese
Kaskaskia River - North ForkN. Fk. KaskaskiaManganese, iron, low DO, pH2003

Approved 9/2006

N. Fk. KaskaskiaManganese, iron, low DO, pH
Patoka Old ReservoirManganese
Patoka New ReservoirManganese
Lake Lou YaegerLake Lou Yaeger (IL_RON)Phosphorus (Total), Total Suspended Solids2017

Draft Stage 3 Report

Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Lake Mattoon/Lake ParadiseLake MattoonSimazine2013

Approved 9/2016

Lake ParadiseSimazine
Lake Michigan BeachesLake Michigan BeachesEscherichia Coli (E. coli) for all beaches2012

Fact Sheet

Overview Presentation

Stage 1 Responsiveness Summary

TMDL Development Fact Sheet 2/2013

Final TMDL Reports

Shoreline Segments in Cook County (Chicago)

Shoreline Segments in Suburban Cook County

Shorelines Segments in Lake County

USEPA Decision Document for the Approval of the TMDLs for Lake Michigan Beaches in Illinois

Lake Michigan (Nearshore)56 Nearshore Beach/Shoreline, Harbor and Open Water SegmentsPCBs, Mercury2015

Approved PCB 4/2019

Approved Mercury - 4/2019

Lake SpringfieldSugar Creek (IL_EOA-01)Boron2013

Approved 9/2017


Sugar Creek (IL_EOA-04)Total Phosphorus
Sugar Creek (IL_EOA-06)Boron, Total Phosphorus
Hoover Branch (IL_EOAD-11)Sedimentation/Siltation
Lake Springfield (IL_REF)Total Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids
La Moine River - East Fork/Spring LakeE. Fk. Lamoine R.Manganese, sulfates2004

Approved 09/2007

Spring LakeManganese, phosphorus, low DO
Argyle Lakephosphorus
​La Moine River - East Fork (II)

​East Fork La Moine River (IL_DGL-05)

East Fork La Moine River (IL_DGL-08)

​Dissolved Oxygen



Dissolved Oxygen


Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

La Moine River/ Missouri CreekLa Moine River (IL_DG-01)Fecal Coliform2016

Approved 9/2019

La Moine River (IL_DG-04)Fecal Coliform
Little Muddy RiverLittle Muddy R.Manganese, sulfates, TDS, pH, low DO2001 Approved 6/2004
Little Vermilion River/ Georgetown LakeGeorgetown LakePhosphorus2003 Approved 9/2005; 10/2006
Little Vermilion R.Fecal coliform
Little Vermilion River/LaSalle CountyLittle Vermilion River (IL_DR-01)Chloride, Zinc, pH, Fecal coliform, Total phosphorus, Total suspended solids2017 Approved 5/2018
Mendota Creek (IL_DRD)Dissolved oxygen, Total phosphorus
Little Wabash RiverLittle Wabash R.Manganese, pH, low DO, fecal coliform, atrazine2003 Approved 9/2007
Little Wabash R.Manganese
E. Br. Green Cr.Low DO
E. Br. Green Cr.Manganese, low DO
Salt Cr.Low DO
Salt Cr.Manganese
Second Salt Cr.Low DO
Second Salt Cr.Silver, low DO
Second Salt Cr.Low DO
First Salt Cr.Manganese, low DO
Lake MattoonPhosphorus
Paradise LakePhosphorus, pH
Lake SaraManganese, phosphorus
Dieterich Cr.Copper, manganese, silver
Clay City Side Channel ReservoirManganese
Little Wabash River IILittle Wabash R.Manganese, silver, pH, low DO, atrazine2004

Approved 8/2008

Little Wabash R.Fecal coliform
Little Wabash R.Manganese, low DO, atrazine
Village Cr.Manganese, low DO
Johnson Cr.Low DO
Pond Cr.Low DO
Seminary Cr.Low DO
Seminary Cr.Low DO
Elm R.Low DO
Elm R.Manganese, pH, Low DO atrazine
Big Muddy Diversion DitchDO
Big Muddy Cr.Manganese, DO
Little Muddy Cr.Manganese, DO
Clay City Side Channel ReservoirManganese
Fairfield LakeManganese
Newton LakePhosphorus
Lower Kaskaskia River/Doza Creek

​Kaskaskia River (IL_O-03)

Kaskaskia River (IL_O-20)

Kaskaskia River (IL_O-30)

East Fork Silver Creek (IL_ODL-02)

Sugar Fork (IL_ODLA-01)

Doza Creek (IL-OZD)

​Dissolved Oxygen






Dissolved Oxygen


Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese


Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese


Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet​

Mackinaw River

​Mackinaw River (IL_DK-13)

Mackinaw River (IL_DK-17)

Hickory Grove Ditch (IL_DKB-01)

Sixmile Creek (IL_DKN-01) 

​Fecal Coliform


Nitrogen, Nitrate


Dissolved Oxygen


Dissolved Oxygen


​Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Macoupin Creek/ Carlinville LakeMacoupin Cr.Manganese, low DO, fecal coliform2003

Approved 09/2007

Macoupin Cr.Manganese, low DO
Briar Cr.Low DO
Carlinville LakeManganese, phosphorus


Beaver Dam LakePhosphorus
Old Gillespie LakeManganese, phosphorus
Mary's River/ North Fork Cox CreekMarys R.Fecal coliform2004 Approved 08/2008
North Fk. Cox Cr.Sulfates, TDS
Maxwell Cr.Low DO
North Fk. Cox Cr.TDS
Randolph LakePhosphorus
Sparta Old LakeManganese, phosphorus
Mauvaisse Terre Lake & RiverMauvaisse Terre LakeManganese, phosphorus, nitrate2003

Approved 9/2007

Modification Approved 1/2010

Mauvaisse Terre Creek Fecalcoliform
N. Fk. Mauvaisse Terre Cr.Manganese, low DO
Middle Illinois RiverBig Bureau Cr. (DQ-03)Fecal coliform2010

Final Middle Illinois River TMDL

USEPA Nutrient Ecoregion Document

USGS Stream Sediment Document

North Farm Creek and Dry Run Tributary Implementation Plan

Decision Document and Final Approval Letter

Depue Lake (RDU)DO, phosphorus, sedimentation/siltation, TSS
Farm Cr. (DZZP-01)Chloride, TSS, phosphorus, pH
Illinois R. (D-05)Fecal coliform
Illinois R. (D-09)Fecal coliform
Illinois R. (D-16)Fecal coliform
Illinois R. (D-30)Fecal coliform, manganese, total dissolved solids
Kickapoo Cr. (DL-01)Fecal coliform
Senachwine Lake (RDZX)DO, phosphorus, sedimentation/siltation, TSS
West Bureau Cr. (DQD-01)Fecal coliform
​Middle Kaskaskia River/Carlyle Lake

​Kaskaskia River (IL_O-08)

Kaskaskia River (IL_O-33)

Kaskaskia River (IL_O-38)

Carlyle Lake (IL_ROA)

​Fecal Coliform


Dissolved Oxygen


Fecal Coliform


Phosphorus (Total)


Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Middle Sangamon RiverSangamon River (E-05)Fecal coliform2017

Approved 7/2018

Sangamon River (E-06)Sedimentation/siltation
Sangamon River (E-09)Dissolved oxygen, Sedimentation/siltation
Sangamon River (E-16)
Long Point Slough (ERA-01)
Buckhart Creek (EZM-02)
Mississippi River Mississippi River (K-22)Atrazine2016

Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Mt. Olive and Staunton LakesMt. Olive New LakeManganese, phosphorus2004

Approved 9/2007

Mt. Olive Old LakeManganese, phosphorus, atrazine
Staunton LakeManganese

Nashville City Reservoir/Washington County Lake (Atrazine & Simazine)

Nashville City ReservoirAtrazine, Simazine2013

Approved 9/2016

Washington County LakeAtrazine, Simazine

North Branch Chicago River​​

​North Branch Chicago River (IL_HCC-07)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform2009​

Approved 4/2020

Stage 1 Report Appendix A Water Quality Data

Stage 1 Report  Appendix C  NPDES Permit Limits

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​West Fork North Branch Chicago River (IL_HCCB-05)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform
​Middle Fork North Branch Chicago River (IL_HCCC-02)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform
​Middle Fork North Branch Chicago River (IL_HCCC-04)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform
​Skokie River (IL_HCCD-01)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform
​Skokie River (IL_HCCD-09)​Chloride, Fecal Coliform
​Skokie Lagoons (IL_RHJ)​Total Phosphorus
​Chicago Botanic Garden Lake (IL_RHJA)​Total Phosphorus
​Eagle Lake (IL_UHH)​Total Phosphorus
North Fork Vermilion RiverNorth Fork Vermilion RiverAtrazine2012 Approved 9/2016
Oakland/Walnut Point LakesLake OaklandPhosphorus2003 Approved 9/2005
Walnut Point LakePhosphorus, nitrate, low DO

Approved 10/2007

Ohio RiverOhio River 894-910Fecal coliform2007



Stage One Draft

Pecatonica RiverPecatonica River (PW-01)Fecal Coliform2013 Approved 7/2018
Pecatonica River (PW-08)Fecal Coliform
Pecatonica River (PW-13)Fecal Coliform
Raccoon Creek (PWA-01)Fecal Coliform
Yellow Creek (PWN-01)Fecal Coliform
Spring Branch (PWNC)

Total Ammonia

Lake Le-Aqua-Na (RPA)

Total Phosphorus

Prairie Creek Prairie CreekManganese2010

Approved 12/2010

Prairie Creek/Langan CreekLangan Creek (FLE-02)Total ammonia, Boron, Dissolved oxygen, Total phosphorus2013

Approved 2/2018

Clifton North Creek (FLEA-C1)Total ammonia, Boron, Copper, Dissolved oxygen, Total phosphorus, Sedimentation/siltation
Prairie Creek (FLG)Dissolved Oxygen
Ashkum Creek (FLGB-C1)Total ammonia, Boron, Dissolved oxygen, Total phosphorus
Ashkum Creek (FLGB-C4)Boron, Sedimentation/ Siltation
Clifton South Creek (FLGZ-C1)Total ammonia, Boron, Dissolved oxygen, Total phosphorus, Sedimentation/ siltation
Rayse CreekRayse Cr.Phosphorus, TSS2000

Approved 9/2003

Watershed Management Plan

Rend LakeBig Muddy River (N-08)Manganese, Dissolved Oxygen, pH2014

Approved 9/2017


Gun Creek (NI-01)Iron, Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese
Casey Fork (NJ-07)Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
Snow Creek (NL-01)Dissolved Oxygen
Rend Lake (RNB)Total Phosphorus, Manganese
Lake Benton (RNO)Total Phosphorus
Lake Jaycee (RNU)Total Phosphorus
Ashley Reservoir (RNZB)Dissolved Oxygen, Total Phosphorus
Salem City Reservoir (Simazine)Salem City ReservoirSimazine2013

Approved 9/2016

Saline River - Middle ForkBankston ForkManganese, Silver, Sulfates, Fecal Coliform2008

Approved 11/2011

Bankston ForkManganese, Silver, Sulfates
Bankston ForkManganese, Sulfates
Brushy CreekManganese, Sulfates
Brushy CreekSilver, Sulfates
Harco Br.Copper, Manganese,Nickel,pH,Silver,Sulfates,Zinc
Harrisburg ReservoirPhosphorus (Total)
Saline River - South Fork/ Lake EgyptSugar Cr.Manganese, pH, DO2004 Approved 8/2008
Sugar Cr.Cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, silver, sulfates, pH, low DO, TDS
S. Fk. Saline R.Low DO
East Palzo Cr.Copper, iron, manganese, pH, TDS
S. Fk. Saline R.Manganese, pH, low DO, pathogens
S. Fk. Saline R.Cadmium, iron, manganese, sulfates, pH, low DO, TDS
Brier Cr.Zinc, iron, manganese, silver, sulfates, pH, low DO, TDS
Lake of EgyptManganese
Salt CreekSalt Cr.TDS/conductivity, DO1999 Approved 9/2004
Salt Cr.TDS/conductivity
Salt Cr.TDS/conductivity
Salt Cr.DO
Addison Cr.TDS/conductivity, chloride, DO
Addison Cr.Copper, DO
Spring BrookDO
Meacham Cr.DO
Busse Wood ReservoirPhosphorus
Salt Creek of Sangamon River and Lower Sangamon River Sugar Cr.Fecal coliform2004

Approved 9/2005

Kickapoo Cr.Fecal coliform
Kickapoo Cr.Fecal coliform
Salt Cr.Fecal coliform
Lake ForkFecal coliform
Salt Cr.Fecal coliform
Flat BranchFecal coliform
S. Fk. Sangamon R.Fecal coliform
S. Fk. Sangamon R.Fecal coliform
Sugar Cr.Fecal coliform
Spring Cr.Fecal coliform
Salt Fork Vermilion RiverSpoon BranchLow DO2003 Approved 10/2007
Saline BranchLow DO
Salt Fk. Vermilion R.pH
Total ammonia
Salt Fk. Vermilion R.Total ammonia, pH
Salt Fk. Vermilion R.Total ammonia, pH
Salt Fk. Vermilion R.Nitrate
pH, total ammonia
Salt FK. Vermilion R.Nitrate
Saline BranchBoron
Total ammonia
Homer LakePhosphorus Approved 9/2006
Sangamon River/ Lake DecaturSangamon R.Fecal coliform2004

Approved 9/2007

Stage 2 Report

Sangamon R.Fecal coliform
Owl Cr.Low DO, phosphorus
Lake DecaturPhosphorus, nitrate, Low DO, silver
Lake of the WoodsLow DO

Sangamon River - South Fork/ Taylorville Lake

Taylorville LakeManganese, phosphorus, Low DO2004 Approved 12/2007
S. Fk. Sangamon R.Boron, manganese, DO
Shoal CreekLocust ForkManganese, low DO2004

Approved 9/2007

Stage 2 Report

Cattle Cr.Copper, ammonia, low DO, TDS
Shoal Cr.Low DO
Shoal Cr.Manganese, fecal coliform
Chicken Cr.Silver, Low DO
Shoal Cr.Iron, manganese, fecal coliform
Sorento LakeManganese, phosphorus
Shoal Creek Shoal CreekAtrazine2013 Approved 9/2016
Shoal Creek (II)

​Shoal Creek (IL_OI-05)

Shoal Creek (IL_OI-13)

Shoal Creek (IL_OI-15)

​Dissolved Oxygen


Dissolved Oxygen


Dissolved Oxygen


​Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Skillet ForkSkillet ForkManganese, pH, low DO, fecal coliform, atrazine2003

Approved 12/2006; 9/2007 

Skillet ForkManganese, pH, low DO, atrazine
Skillet ForkManganese, pH, low DO, atrazine
Skillet ForkLow DO
Horse Cr.Manganese, low DO
Brush Cr.Manganese, low DO
Dums Cr.Low DO
Sam Dale LakePhosphorus
Stephen A. Forbes LakePhosphorus
Wayne City Side Channel ReservoirManganese
Skillet ForkSkillet ForkAtrazine2013 Approved 9/2016
Spring LakeSpring LakeAtrazine2013

Approved 9/2014

Sugar Creek/Lake BranchSugar CreekDO, pH2008

Approved 1/2012


Sugar CreekDO, pH,Fecal Coliform
Lake BranchDO
Lake BranchManganese, DO
Lake BranchDO
Lake BranchDO
Lake BranchDO
Bull BranchManganese,DO
Grassy BranchDO
Trenton CreekDO
Sugar CreekDO
Sugar Creek/Paris Twin LakesParis Twin Lake WestPhosphorus2003 Approved 9/2005
Paris Twin Lake EastPhosphorus
Sugar Cr.Low DO, unspecified nutrients, Fecal coliform

Approved 4/2008

Tampier Lake/Saganashkee Slough Tampier LakePhosphorus2008

Approved 5/2010

Saganashkee SloughPhosphorus,low DO
Thorn Creek Thorn Creek HBD-02Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform, Silver, Zinc2018

Draft Stage 3 Report

Stage 3 Appendices

Stage 1 Report

Thorn Creek HBD-03Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
Thorn Creek HBD-04Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform, Chloride
Thorn Creek HBD-05Fecal Coliform
Thorn Creek HBD-06Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform, Chloride
North CreekDissolved Oxygen
Butterfield CreekFecal Coliform
Deer Creek HBDCFecal Coliform
Deer Creek HBDC-02Dissolved Oxygen, Fecal Coliform
Sauk Trail LakeDissolved Oxygen, Phosphorus
Upper Big Muddy RiverBig Muddy River (IL_N-11)   Fecal Coliform2013​

Approved 5/2019


​Andy Creek (IL_NZN-13)​Iron
Herrin Old Reservoir (IL_RNZD)Total Phosphorus
Lake Creek (IL_NGA-02)Dissolved Oxygen
Beaver Creek (IL_NGAZ-JC-D1)Manganese
Johnston City Reservoir (IL_RNZE)Total Phosphorus
Arrowhead Reservoir (Williamson) (IL_RNZX)Total Phosphorus
Middle Fork Big Muddy River (IL_NH-06)Fecal Coliform
West Frankfort Old Reservoir (IL_RNP)Total Phosphorus
​West Frankfort New Reservoir (IL_RNQ)​Total Phosphorus
Upper Fox River/ Chain O' Lakes Antioch Lake (IL_RTT)Total Phosphorus2008

Approved 6/2020

Bluff Lake (IL_VTJ)Total Phosphorus
Catherine Lake (IL_RTD)Total Phosphorus
Channel Lake (IL_RTI)Total Phosphorus
Davis Lake (IL_STQ)Total Phosphorus
Deep Lake (IL_VTD)Fecal Coliform
Dunn's Lake (IL_VTH)Total Phosphorus
Duck Lake (IL_RTZG)Total Phosphorus
Fish-Duncan Lake (IL_VTK)Total Phosphorus
Fischer Lake (IL_VTT)Total Phosphorus
Fox Lake (IL_RTF)Fecal Coliform
Grass Lake (IL_RTQ)Total Phosphorus
Hidden Lake (IL_UTM)Total Phosphorus
Long Lake (IL_RTJ)Total Phosphorus
Lake Marie (IL_RTR)Total Phosphorus
McGreal Lake (IL_UTX)Total Phosphorus
Nippersink Lake (IL_RTUA)Total Phosphorus
North Churchill Lake (IL_STR)Total Phosphorus
Petite Lake (IL_VTW)Total Phosphorus
Pistakee Lake (IL_RTU)Total Phosphorus
Redhead Lake (IL_RTV)Total Phosphorus

South Churchill Lake (IL_STS)

Total Phosphorus
Spring Lake (IL_RGZT)Total Phosphorus
Summerhill Estates Lake (IL_WTA)Total Phosphorus
Lake Tranquility (IL_UTW)Total Phosphorus
Turner Lake (IL_VTZA)Total Phosphorus
Wooster Lake (IL_RTZH)Total Phosphorus
Upper Fox River/
Flint Creek
Lake Barrington (IL_RTZT)Fecal Coliform, Total Phosphorus2008

Approved 6/2020

Drummond Lake (IL_UTI)Total Phosphorus
Echo Lake (IL_RTZR)Total Phosphorus
Fox River  (IL_DT-22)Fecal Coliform
Grassy Lake (IL_VTI)Total Phosphorus
Honey Lake (IL_RTZU)Fecal Coliform, Total Phosphorus
Island Lake (IL_RTZI)Total Phosphorus
Lake Fairview (IL_STK)Total Phosphorus
Lake Napa Suwe (IL_STO)Total Phosphorus
Lake Louise (IL_VTZJ)Total Phosphorus
Slocum Lake (IL_RTP)Total Phosphorus
Timber Lake(South) (IL_RTZQ)Total Phosphorus
Tower Lake (IL_RTZF)Fecal Coliform, Total Phosphorus
Woodland (Highland) Lake  (IL_STV)Total Phosphorus
Upper KaskaskiaKaskaskia River (IL_O-02)Fecal Coliform2016 Approved 9/2018
Kaskaskia River (IL_O-15)Fecal Coliform
Beck Creek (IL_OQ-01)Fecal Coliform
West Okaw River (IL_OT-02)Fecal Coliform
West Okaw River (IL_OT-04)Dissolved Oxygen, pH
Jonathon Creek (IL_OU-01)Fecal Coliform
Lake Fork (IL_OW-01)Sedimentation/Siltation
Asa Ceek (IL_OZZT-01)pH, Sedimentation/Siltation
​Upper Kaskaskia River/Lake Fork

​Kaskaskia River (IL_O-35)

Lake Fork (IL_OW-01)

Lake Fork (IL_OW-02)

​Dissolved Oxygen


Chloride, Dissolved Oxygen


Chloride, Dissolved Oxygen


​Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet



Upper La Moine River Drowning Fork (IL_DGLC-01)Chloride, Total Phosphorus, Sedimentation/Siltation Total Suspended Solids2016

Final Stage 1 Report

Fact Sheet

Draft Stage 3 Report


Rock Creek (IL_DGO-01)Dissolved Oxygen
La Harpe Creek (IL_DGP)Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese
La Harpe Creek (DGP-01)Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese
Baptist Creek (IL_DGPC-01)Manganese
Prairie Creek (IL_DGZN-01)Dissolved Oxygen, Total Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids
South Branch
La Moine River (IL_DGZR)
Total Ammonia, Dissolved Oxygen, Manganese, Total Phosphorus
Carthage Lake (IL_RLE)Total Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids
Vandalia LakeVandalia Lake (IL_ROD)Total Phosphorus, pH2001 Approved 9/2004
Vermilion River - North Fork/Lake VermilionNorth Fork Vermilion River  (IL_BPG-05)Nitrate2003 Approved 9/2008
North Fork Verrmilion River (IL_BPG-09) Fecal Coliform
Lake Vermilion (IL_RBD)Total Phosphorus, Nitrate
Vermilion River - Illinois BasinVermilion River (IL_DS-06)Fecal Coliform, Nitrate Nitrogen2007 Final Draft Report
Vermilion River (IL_DS-10)Nitrate Nitrogen
Vermilion River (IL_DS-14)Nitrate Nitrogen
Vermont City Reservoir/
Sugar Creek
Vermont City Reservoir (IL_RDM)Atrazine, Total Phosphorus2012

Approved 4/2019              

Sugar Creek(IL_DH-01)Fecal Coliform
Wabash RiverWabash River (IL_B-06)Fecal Coliform2005

Approved 10/2006

Waverly Lake Waverly Lake (IL_SDC)Total Phosphorus2016

Approved 3/2017